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Criminal cases are almost all over the world. People involve themselves in criminal activities because of several reasons such as to be recognized as superior or due to the availability of fighting instruments. These include guns, weapons among others, and even the society in which one was brought up and lived (Wolfgang, 1996).

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Disagreements are the main sources of crime. Various measures are taken to reduce such cases. However, reducing crime violence was not an easy task at all. It needs time, effort, and money. It is a process and one cannot just reduce crime violence in a short period of time (Shaw, 1996).

Britain and Mexico adopted a strategy of banning guns and gun control strategy to reduce criminal violence. Gun control was a government restriction of buying and owning firearms to reduce crime violence caused by the use of them. The subject of controlling guns initiated many arguments (Zelman & Steven, 2001).

Those Pro-Gun Control people were to reduce criminal activities through banning guns; thus, crime and violence had to depreciate. In reality, if guns were restricted, more crime violence could happen and it could leave potential victims with no self-defense against criminals who have other means of getting weapons. Gun control was not the best strategy to reduce the level of crime violence instead it increased it (Malcolm, 2002).

The gun control strategy worked in Britain but never worked in Mexico. Gun crime violence reduced in Britain but the opposite happened in Mexico. It was surprising that even with no guns criminal cases continued to exist in Mexico (Smolei & Kivivuori, 2006). It was a revelation that the Mexican people did not only depend on guns in their criminal activities but also used other instruments. Gun control strategy could only reduce gun criminal violence cases but guns caused not all criminal cases.

Other factors also contributed. However, it was said that the gun control strategy reduced gun crime in Britain. This means that only gun crime has been reduced but other crime violence activities still exist. The main aim of conducting this research was driven by a passion to investigate the reasons why gun control strategy was not a solution in the case of a reduction of crime violence, based on the case of Britain and Mexico (Smolei & Kivivuori, 2009).

Why Gun Control Reduced Gun Crime Violence in Britain

Most of the violent crime cases in Britain were committed through using guns, as they were the more powerful compared to all other weapons. Banning gun ownership reduced the number of violent crimes especially gun violent crimes. This was why controlling guns promoted the reduction of gun violence crimes in Britain (Malcolm, 2002).

It was easier for a criminal to commit violent crimes with a gun than without it. Gun control in Britain assisted because there were many criminals, who could not access guns and that is why it was hard for them to commit gun crimes. This is why gun control worked in Britain (Pfeiffer, 1998).

Restricting gun ownership made the inexpert criminals fear carrying guns and committing any crime violence using other weapons. People could do the best they could to avoid criminal actions (Wolfgang, 1996). This made the expert criminals get discouraged in committing crimes since many people were innocent. It was hard for one to start committing crime violence with someone who is innocent and could not even fight back. This made the crime violence problem reduce in Britain because of the gun control strategy.

Why Gun Control Did Not Work In Mexico

A criminal will always look for ways of obtaining guns. Even with gun control in Mexico, criminals found ways of getting their weapons. Some could even steal from those who owned it legally. Some criminals could purchase guns at higher prices from the people owning guns legally. This was why gun control never worked in Mexico (Zelman & Steven, 2001).

Since people were not allowed to own guns, the weak individuals especially women lacked self-defense for protecting themselves from crimes such as rape and murder among others. Criminals took advantage of this and as a result, crime violence increased in Mexico. Cases of murder and rape among other criminal violence increased because of gun control (Malcolm, 2002).

Most criminals did not buy guns in normal retail shops. Only a few criminals bought weapons legally. The majority of criminals got guns through informal trades whose relatives either were in the military or were in higher positions. It was hard for people in Mexico to reduce criminal violence just because of gun control. In fact, criminals were always breaking laws (Chassaigne, 2009). They were using all means to access guns and that is why crime violence increased in Mexico.

Apart from guns, crimes were also committed with the help of cold steel arms, for example, knives. Crime victims who had no guns in Mexico could commit crimes even with no guns. In fact, they started making good use of them and thus crime violence increased in Mexico (Malcolm, 2002). So many cases of murders in Mexico resulted from the drug war.

This contributed to criminal violence. Many innocent people died during the war. Even when guns were taken away and the ownership of guns was restricted; this did not make any solution. People, who used other weapons such as stones in the war, ended up killing many people in Mexico (Zelman & Steven, 2001).

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Other Factors that Contributed to Crime Violence in Britain and Mexico

It is true that due to the gun control strategy gun crime violence in Britain was reduced. The fact that only gun crime violence reduced in Britain reveals that other crime violence cases still existed in Britain just like in Mexico. The only difference is that people in Mexico could find guns even after being prohibited.

Therefore, gun control did not solve the crime violence problem in both Britain and Mexico. This means that, despite the availability of guns, other factors contributed to crime violence in the two countries, Britain and Mexico. The following are the factors.

Availability of Weapons and Knives

Even without guns, British and Mexicans could use other things as weapons for example knives. Only gun control strategy could not solve the problem. Even in Britain, where the gun crime violence reduced there were still people who could own guns just like in Mexico. However, in Britain people still involved themselves in crime violence using other weapons and knives (Wolfgang, 1996).


Poverty is another factor that contributed to crime violence in the two countries. With poverty, no peace could exist in a country. Poverty forced people to steal from others or even grab other people???s property by force. Poverty was the factor that made people to corrupt in various ways. All these contributed to criminal cases. One could not let someone who had stolen his or her property live in peace.

Some misunderstandings developed between such people (Smolei & Kivivuori, 2006). The two could even end up fighting by using things such as knives and guns. Poverty, therefore, was another factor that contributed to crime violence in Britain and Mexico, and only the gun control strategy could not solve the problem.

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Unemployment also contributed to crime violence in the two countries. If a person could not work, he or she was idle, which made him or her think of some unproductive activities such as getting involved in drug abuse or drinking. A drunkard is always more likely to cause violence than a sober person.

The drunk one can take a knife and hurt others unknowingly and unwillingly (Smolei & Kivivuori, 2006). All this is due to idleness, which emerges due to unemployment. The high rate of unemployment which was in the two countries contributed to high crime violence activities.

School Dropout

Apart from the availability of guns, another contributing factor to crime violence was the high number of school dropouts. These were due to the high number of idle youths in the two countries and youths were the most energetic group. When one was idle, with nothing constructive to do, it made him or her get involved in unproductive activities, which led to crime violence.

Such people were likely to engage themselves in activities such as murder or theft among others to be recognized as heroes (Malcolm, 2002). The high number of school dropout also contributed to crime violence in Britain and Mexico

Poor Parenting

It is said and charity indeed begins at home. The way one is brought up is the way he or she is more likely to behave. If parents teach and train their children on how to behave ethically especially on the issue of fighting or other criminal activities, such children are less likely to engage in such things when they grow up (Chassaigne, 2009).

Children in Mexico and Britain could watch people performing criminal activities even at their homes since crime was a normal thing in the two countries. People could grow up watching crime activities such as fighting every day. Crime violence was like a normal issue to them since they were used to it. It was then hard to handle the problem in the two countries only by applying the gun control strategy (Shaw, 1996).

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Release of Offenders from Correlation Institution

Criminals were released after staying for some time in jail. From history, when a criminal is released from jail and comes back to society, he or she becomes worse than before since he or she already knows what happens in jail and has no fear. Being in jail for a long time allows a prisoner to make friends with the jail officials and so, if he or she is taken back, nothing bad can happen to him/her.

The criminals released from jail both in Mexico and Britain increased the number of criminals (Zelman & Steven, 2001). This contributed to crime violence in both countries where only gun control could not work.


It is unusual for one to just wake up and start performing criminal acts for no reason. There are always some reasons for one to undertake such actions. One of such reasons can be when a certain group of individuals or an individual fails to respect another one on some issues. The disrespected group or person can always feel inferior if no action is taken due to the disrespect. Such cases of disrespect were present in the discussed two countries (Pfeiffer, 1998).

One of the participants of such cases could take a case to court but because of the high rate of corruption, no actions were taken against the criminal. This fact discouraged most people and as a result, one could decide to deal with such issues unlawfully which led to committing crimes mostly fighting and murdering. This also contributed to crime violence in the two countries (Wolfgang, 1996).

The Media

Everything starts from the mind. An evil mind will lead to performing evil activities. The media really contributed to what people thought. Since crimes were present in the two countries, even artists could produce songs and movies with crime messages. The movies that were full of crime activities really contributed to crime violence in the two countries since even young people could learn about the techniques of fighting (Malcolm, 2002). The media, therefore, contributed to crime violence in Britain and Mexico, and only prohibiting guns was not an optimal solution.

Other strategies that could have been enforced in Mexico and Britain to completely solve the crime violence problem apart from gun control include:

End the Drug War

Murder cases in Mexico were mostly caused by the drug war. Instead of banning guns, the best way of solving the problem of criminal violence was to look at what makes people commit crimes. One major contributing factor to crime violence in Mexico was the drug war, which persisted. The government could look for ways of solving the drug war problem instead of developing a gun control strategy (Shaw, 1996).

In fact, when guns were restricted and the weak people lacked self-defense, the criminals took advantage of it, which increased crime violence through the drug war since only a few of the strong could access guns. Murder cases, therefore, increased in Mexico due to gun control.

Long Mandatory Sentencing for Repeat Violent Crimes

Another possible solution that could have been adopted concerning the crime violence problem is the longer mandatory sentencing for repeat violent crimes. If this rule could have been accepted, people would fear committing crimes, as nobody would like to be sentenced for a long period of time or being sentenced to death.]

Even when guns were taken away, criminals could still find a way to obtain other guns, especially the powerful ones. If criminals could have been sentenced for a long time or even to death, the number of criminals could reduce and even the existing ones could fear committing such actions (Chassaigne, 2009). This could reduce the problem in both Mexico and Britain.

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Increased Counseling

Some people just decided to commit crimes for no clear reason. Others were driven by emotions and were not able to control themselves. Some were influenced by peer pressure: just because others were killing. Some committed crimes just because of misunderstanding or as a way of revenge. Setting strategies for counseling people could help to reduce the crime violence problem in Mexico and Britain. If the so emotional people were counseled and could manage to control their emotions then they would not engage themselves in crime violence so easily (Pfeiffer, 1998).

If those who intended revenge could be counseled, maybe they would understand that revenge was not the best solution. If Mexicans and British were provided with counseling concerning the effects of acting as a group, people could act individually and not just do what others were doing. Counseling, therefore, could be the best strategy to reduce criminal violence in the two countries (Malcolm, 2002).

Creation of Employment Opportunities

Unemployment was found to be another thing that contributed to criminal violence. Lack of employment, which led to poverty, made people commit some crime activities like theft to get something for survival. The theft was associated with killing, because thieves were always fully armed, while the property owners were unarmed, and therefore, defending their properties was not easy. If every citizen in the two countries could secure employment, such cases could reduce in Mexico (Chassaigne, 2009).

Eliminating School Dropout

The greatest number of people who involved themselves was the young people who dropped schooling. Those people who mostly committed the highest criminal activities are young. This is because they were energetic and idol due to dropping school and had nothing to do.

The greatest number of energetic youths with no specific skills and no permanent jobs contributed to the Mexico and Britain crime violence. If the policy could be adopted to ensure young people that they should not drop out of school, no one could be available to commit criminal activities and hence the crime violence problem could reduce in Mexico (Shaw, 1996).

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Prohibiting Criminal Activity Films from the Media

It was found that the media also contributed much to criminal activities through the movies which people watched. If those movies could be prohibited and the artists banned from producing them, then people could not learn about new tactics of fighting. If people could be denied watching such movies, the interest in performing crime violence activities could reduce (Zelman & Steven, 2006). Prohibiting criminal activity movies was also an alternative way of reducing crime violence in society. If people could easily find jobs in the two countries, the problem could reduce.


From the above explanation, it is clear that, apart from the availability of guns, crime violence were be also contributed by other factors such as poverty, other weapons, unemployment, poor parenting, and school dropouts, among other factors. It can therefore be concluded that gun control was not the best solution to reduce criminal violence. Instead, the opposite might happen like in the case of Mexico where the problem became even worse with adopting the gun control strategy.

To reduce crime violence in a country, Britain, and Mexico, and any other country should not focus only on controlling guns but also have to concentrate on the other factors contributing to criminal violence. This could reduce the problem not only in Britain but also in Mexico and any other country experiencing the problem


Since the gun control strategy never worked in Mexico, questions arose concerning how the problem can be solved. Since it has been found that many factors were contributing to the problem, the best solution was to combine the strategy with other strategies based on other factors.

The first alternative strategy could be to adopt measures of restricting artists from producing movies and songs with criminal messages. Another thing that could have been done was to ensure that criminals should not get out of jails until their time expires. They should not interact with other people or if they have to, they must first be rehabilitated so that they do not repeat the same things.

Another alternative strategy would be to ensure that, no one drops out of school for any reason. If the problem is a lack of fees, the government should ensure that no students lack fees and for those who intentionally drop out of school, the government should enforce legal actions to make sure they go back to school.

Unemployment is also another factor that contributes to violence. The government should look for ways of creating more employment opportunities to make certain that at least every citizen is busy working somewhere to reduce idleness within individuals.

Concerning the poverty problem, some measures to ensure the availability of basic needs such as food, good shelter, and clothing should be enforced to reduce criminal cases arising from such reasons. If apart from gun control, all these strategies have been implemented and all other factors leading to crime violence have been taken into consideration, then the crime violence could be reduced in the two countries, Britain and Mexico. The problem could be overcome completely by solving such contributing factors in the long run.

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