The existence of slavery led to the antagonism between slaves and their masters. Thus, this period in the American history was marked with the violence, which appeared in many slight rebellions that were easy to strangle due to the force advantage of white people over the slaves. Even though a lot of revolts have happened, the one in New York that took place in 1712 is remarkable.

This rebellion is a reflection of violence from both sides: slaves and their masters. The aim of this action was striving against the slavery. The main forces consisted of the majority that was Afro-Americans and some Indians. According to R. Hofstadter and M. Wallace (1970), before the revolt, “they bound themselves to secrecy with a blood oath and rubbed their bodies with a supposedly invulnerable powder given them by a free black “sorcerer”. Even though the slaves managed to kill nine and wound a few Americans, the actions of the participants from the side of the slaves cannot be considered successful. Their revolt was stopped by the troops sent by the Governor. Some slaves managed to escape, some committed suicide, but most were captured. Out of twenty four slaves sentenced to death, six people stayed alive due to the decision of the Governor. The other eighteen rebels were executed.

That revolt was one of the dark pages in the history of the USA. It was one of many revolts of that time that took place in the USA. It took more than one century from that time to forget about the slavery.


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