The Secession of the Southern States from the Union caused the bloodiest war in the USA. The Secession of the Southern States is the most doubtful issue in the history of the USA. It also had great influence on the nation. The Secession “was triggered by the decision of eleven states to secede from the United States from December of 1860 (South Carolina) to April of 1861 (Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas, Florida, Alabama Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas)” (Rhodes 33). “The actions of those eleven Southern States led to the destruction of the republic, and deaths of the 620,000 Americans in the Civil War” (Catton 20). There were two lasting results of the War for Southern Independence: the abolition of slavery and the radical understanding change of the term “United States”. The first result forever changed social structure of the South. On the other hand, the last result has literally changed the political philosophy and governmental structure of the United States. The purpose of this essay is to prove arguments against Secession.

First and foremost, it is important to underline the argument for keeping the nation united. Furthermore, America would be a much stronger socially, militarily, and economically, if it was no Secession. Division of the US into two countries made it more susceptible to foreign invasion and weakened economy in the long term. After all, that led to the American Civil War and the postwar reconstruction phase came to an end only in 1877. The nation dragged in the process of rebuilding the South and healing long-standing divisions through the process of Reconstruction (Rhodes 35).

No democracy could function if parts of the country were to leave the Union just because they did not like the results of an election. According to Lincoln, such position would lead finally to anarchy of the government. It is hard to dispute against legality of Secession, but it is easy to argue against it in practice. As for unity among American people, it was more essential to maintain the Union. Apart from avoiding war, the separation of the Union would have meant permanent conflict on the North American continent. Since revolution proclamation in 1776, Americans needed to set up government form that would assert their equal natural rights. Contrariwise, the South justified revolution as a means to introduce slavery into the western territories.

Finally, if Southern States were allowed to secede, then hopes for abolition would be defeated. Probably, there would be no chance of ending the slavery period in the South, if the North was not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the South. In many ways, the Union’s ability to organize, mobilize, and “reconstruct” kept states together. To sum up, Secession resulted in dramatic changes in politics, economy, and law and continue to shape the world. Four years of fighting had changed the status of women, slavery situation, and working people. Most clearly, the war had extended federal powers transferring them into a new industrial economy.

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