Hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are the most developed ones in the entire tourism industry. This entertainment boosts tourism economic power as its main facilitator. Development of several luxury hotels and casinos makes it to be achieved. In historical perspective, Las Vegas expansion depended on the Casinos, where money gambling became the only interest of many people. This paper discusses various luxury hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, their capacity and contribution to the booming tourism sector, and history of the investment based on economic effect that luxury hotels and casinos have on Las Vegas. Moreover, infrastructure and availability of resources were considered to have added more value to the industry in this place.

The luxury hotels and casinos started way back in 1930. This made it very clear that the investors were able to build and buy more hotels; therefore, more luxury hotels and casinos were developed. Casinos aided gambling process, as it was one of the main activities that the tourists were participating in. This has helped in bringing up of even more casinos and hotel units in Las Vegas, which provided comfort and entertainment. The culture of entertainment promoted the tourism sector through careful planning and design and, in effect, enabled this historical promotion of the luxury hotels. All ideas and attitudes of the American people including promoters, dreamers, and visionaries have contributed greatly to the sector’s development.

Las Vegas is a unique place, where the mob influenced on the incorporation of such infrastructural developments. As stated above, casinos and hotels in Las Vegas came into focus as a result of gold and silver mining in Nevada. This was a historical background of the hotels. The effective and immediate issue was the involvement of people in the business, which then reinforced the construction of the railway network. The rail network was able to make a great improvement in the transport sector; hence, the tourists were able to move easily across Las Vegas. In addition, the rise of tourism in the aviation sector had increased the number of visitors, who could use those hotels and casinos.

Gold field discovery in Las Vegas and certain cultural changes that could accommodate the population were significant. In addition, Las Vegas Strip was developed in the 1940s, and became one of the reasons, why the town was considered to become a romantic and wedding capital of America. This defines its historical development in such social perspective. However, it is important to note that all these social challenges have had a negative impact. In fact, the advantages were more than disadvantages; this accordingly explains the expansion. South California road architecture has had a great effect as well since 1950s. This impacted the development of casinos and the design of the structures.

The casinos were built with an incredible rate. One of them, Flamingo, was situated along the city limits to the Los Angeles highway. Through the development of resorts, hotels were rapidly expanding. They could accommodate many guests and became the best weekend destination for many tourists. The city outskirts of Las Vegas had a strip length of 4km, which provided enough space and were a good location in general. The ideal locations, which enabled faster access to the casinos and hotels could not be undermined. The Las Vegas hotels and casinos included Palms, Casino Resort, Circus Hotel, and many other hotels that were favored in the development process. Noting this development, heavy investments of the business ventures were necessary. During this time many casinos and hotels were built; among them are Casino Hotels, Venetian Casino, Circus Hotel Casino, and, finally, Hard Rock Hotel. Based on the given status, a full development of several hundreds of resorts and casinos took place due to the business demands. For instance, the hotel Flamingo occupied about 40 hectares of land. These hectares varied and most of the resorts and casinos were spacious to accommodate as many people as possible.

Most of the hotel rooms designed were spacious and were very accommodating. In addition, redefining names of the hotels and casinos was undertaken in order to ensure good system of references and change of brand. This, for instance, resulted in the renaming of Flamingo Hotel to the New Flamingo. The developers had designed the hotels in a way that they contained many facilities within a given complex. This was one of the main  factors that promoted growth, coupled with technological aspects.                                                                    

The hotels and casinos of Las Vegas were created at the different time intervals in the course of history. This, in fact, was to capture on the resources and promote the tourism industry in Las Vegas.

In the evaluation of these hotels and casinos, their establishment ensured the promotion of tourism through a wide range of facilities. In critical response to the situation, it is not obvious that all of them offered great services. The choice or rating of each is based on the fulfilling of the customer’s need. This has ensured competitiveness in the hotel industry in general and in casinos in particular, whereby most of them have risen to the international status.

Casino operators and hotels in Las Vegas are locatedalong the Las Vegas strip. The strip, being 6.8 kilometers long situated in the Clark County of Nevada, promoted accessibility of these hotels. However, since the strip was not situated within the city, it did provide the convenient atmosphere, which was suitable for the tourism and leisure activities in the casinos and hotels. In addition, the strip passed through the unincorporated towns in the south of the Vegas city. The major contribution and role of this strip was that it was the structural design of all American roads with a unique scenic route.

 Many of the largest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and the whole world are situated within this strip. In addition, it had become one of the places in the whole world that housed so many visitors. In total, out of the 25 largest hotels in the world, 15 were found within the strip. These 15 hotels and casinos had the highest ranking in the quantity of rooms, possessing 62,000 of them.  

It is obvious that the most visible aspects in the Las Vegas hotels had great dramatic architecture. It comes as an addition to the modernization of the hotel structures, restaurants and casinos in Las Vegas.

Presence of residential high rises along the strip has made the city to be one of the most popular tourism destinations. This infrastructural development enabled effective and great mobility. The tourists will always get attracted to the best facilities, and it leaves no doubt that these Las Vegas hotels were the best in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The following shows a picture of the current and modern Las Vegas strip, which has been the core feature of the tourism industry. This image depicts the view of the city strip at night. The structure of the buildings and the environment of the hotels and casinos showed a beautiful scene at night as observed.    

In an analysis of the view, the casinos along the strip provided shows and attractions to the people and boosted tourism. This could have an effect on the number of visitors, since casinos were crucial to host good entertainment games including gambling.

Population in Las Vegas favored the growth of these hotels. It is logical that population influences social behavior of humans. The social class developed promoted gambling business, which was conducted at the available casinos. Just in percentage aspect, the growth rate increase started in the 1930s, and doubled up by late 2000s. The population has rapidly doubled as well, and by late 2000, the largest city in the 20th century was Las Vegas. By 2008, Las Vegas was one of the 28th largest cities in the United States. The high population facilitated positive growth for the luxury hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Increased commercial and even residential places along the strip enabled an accomplishment of this growth.

The general description of casino industry is perfect for the nature of the services, which are offered just in any other hotel. However, there are certain outstanding facilities that Las Vegas hotels and casinos bring into place. The provision of food and beverage, swimming pools, and entertainment were crucial for this development. In addition, economic characteristics of people and of the industry are related.

Overall market size that is captured by casinos through sales in Nevada is represented by $22,413,274. This is shown as being about 43% of the total U.S. sales as of the year 2007. Hotel industry is seasonal, because tourists always travel in search of a good weather conditions. Better season means improved booking for most rooms in the hotels; this is the period, when most of the vacations are likely to be reserved. In this descriptive analysis, as of January 2007, there was no hotel brand commanding over 12% of the overall share of the market. In financial analysis, the US Casino industry initially took $34.13 billion, as of 2007.  Las Vegas took good percentage of income. This shows that the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas have contributed greatly towards the development of the Tourism sector. In giving examples of the casinos, MGM Mirage, a casino and hotel establishment, which is very profitable in Las Vegas, captures a recognizably higher percentage of the casino market. In addition, Las Vegas Sands is another tourism center, which is the second one in the profit making. The pie chart below shows the market share of these hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas.

In respect to this, there are forces, which drive the casino and hotel industry in Las Vegas. These forces include economics, airline, as in the transport sector, and tourism. The improved economics in the sector will improve the operational ability of most of the hotels, and this may bring down any inflation or deflation, which can destroy the industry. Stable economy before the recession became the cornerstone of this development. Because of the economic downturn, most people reduce discretionary spending on the luxury needs (Rothman, 2003). This, in the critical view, directly affects the casinos and the hotels in Las Vegas, which actually took place at one time in the industry.

Transport, as a contributing factor in the industry, is very important for this analysis. Most people have to travel to access these facilities. This explains why the hotels are distributed along the Las Vegas strip just for this purpose. For instance, availability of air travel has a direct effect on the availability of tourists. Air transport increases those impacts positively; hence, increases the number of consumers and fun lovers, who may go to the hotels.

There are generally success factors that the hospitality industry as in the Las Vegas hotels and casinos. The first success factor in history is the major conventions in the industry. The second is the timing and the amount of the marketing for specific events. This boosts the industry through putting in place better entertainment terms during the given season. This will ensure that the tourism industry is kept rolling with the best features it needs. In addition, having a specialized marketing would target a specific customer base.

Las Vegas hotels and casinos also capture on the key historical issues that could derail the performance of the industry. Employment factor is an issue. Increased unemployment derails this industry through weakening it. With no money in the pockets, the consumers, who need entertainment in the casinos and/or expensive hotels, may not afford these services. In addition, this contributes to the weak consumer confidence. This answers the question of why the tourism industry could derail, instead of fast growth. Logically, with no money one may consider such type of entertainment as a luxury.

Additional evaluation involves factors that airline contributes to. When there is a decline in the capacity of airline to Las Vegas, there will be a negative impact on the tourists. This can just be accidental, as most of the hotels had put certain measures to have excellent services in meeting customer needs. In view of this, Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas has modern facilities, which included the wireless internet and good infrastructural facilities. They also have got hotels near the airport, which has been intentionally located to enhance efficiency in the movement of tourists. This is one of the ways formed to facilitate operations of Las Vegas hotels and casinos. In addition, there are activities of these hotels that help in making their services attractive.

There has been gaming facilities in the past and the present. The Luxury Hotels fulfills this by designing of gaming floors. The casinos have got gaming facilities, which are approximated to be 2500 in number, as in MGN Grand Las Vegas hotels and Casinos. It is with no doubt that these machine facilities help in attracting tourists. Casinos are also equipped with the slot games, race, and sports for entertainment provisions. The luxury offered in each stated activity is crucial for the development of the industry.

In critical approach to the entertainment industry of these casinos, one may observe that some of these entertainments provided may not be popular with many tourists. For instance, nightclubs and other parties are a source of entertainment in most of these luxury hotels. It is not a normal case for any hotel or casino of the world class not to have these entertainment provisions. The only unique feature in this aspect is the status and strange demand of the customers that each hotel needs to meet.

Las Vegas hotels and casinos have greatly helped to influence the tourism sector. It is from both historical and current perspectives that people tend to spend good times with the relatives and friends, while exploring many tourism places. This has not been an exception in this case. Comfortable places, like Las Vegas hotels and casinos, help in influencing certain practices, which popularize the tourism sector. The popularized destination will receive many visitors, since luxury in its nature, is a provision needed that many people admire. In an analysis of this, the hotels in Las Vegas provided everything that is needed for this attachment.

 Accommodation services, which are more or just like the one people get at home, would make tourists develop interest in a given place. Since the inception of these hotels in 1930s, adequate information on the hotels has been provided to the customers. The information on these luxury hotels can be easily found in the internet blog reviews. All the casino hotels in Las Vegas use this internet provision in updating information to the intended customers. Creation of websites with features by this luxury hotels helps in improving their services. In addition to this, many customers through this information technology are able to get whatever they want at the click of a mouse. It is with no doubt that for the development and advancement in these luxury hotels, they have followed the right channel of connection to the customers.

The Las Vegas hotels, for instance, the Imperial Palace Hotels, are crucial in providing employment for people with disabilities. This is a relatively high percentage because critically, this can help to restore good public relations. Customers or tourists know about this in addition to the exclusive services in its history. Through this, the hotel has won many awards. This is a very good historical aspect that this Las Vegas Hotel had been constantly showing. Through the constant provision of employment by the Imperial hotels, they had worn the National Employer of the Year for people with disabilities.  In addition, the Las Vegas Hotel and casinos were characterized with provision of the health facilities in the hotel industry.

Las Vegas has the most famous five star hotels and casinos. Due to the services, the Automobile Association of America has recognized these hotels. This coveted status was very crucial in the history of these hotels. It proved that they relied on providing heavy and good services in the tourism industry (Rothman, 2003). This award has helped the hotels and casinos to become more prestigious. This made the travelers and tourists to prefer some of these awarded hotels in Las Vegas. Even though these luxury hotels and casinos are many, only a few could claim this title of being a five star. There are only a few hotels, like MGM Grand, that had received the title. Among these famous five star hotels and casino resorts was the Caesar, out of many luxury hotels in Las Vegas. This shows that quality and service control was of the great importance to the crediting authorities.

It is common knowledge that these luxury hotels and casinos in Las Vegas were rated based on the service quality. Some of these rated hotels included MGM Grand hotels, Venetian Hotel, Paris Hotel, and Caesars Palace Hotel among others. They had the most critical facilities needed in the tourism sector. In historical view, personally I would note that managerial levels are different in these hotels. This explains the aspect of inequality while ranking. The capacity, structure, and accessibility of these luxury hotels were very crucial in determining their levels. In this regard, the appropriate techniques are applied in these historical views on the luxury hotels. These views reflect the role of the hotels and casinos in the enhancement of the hospitality industry.

In conclusion, on this research, luxury hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are reflected through historical perspective. This has been provided through the general overview reflecting the growth activities. Technology and infrastructural development of Las Vegas city promoted growth of these hotels and casinos. In addition, the paper has emphasized on the contribution of these hotels to the tourism industry. Moreover, the economic power and the resource influence, as in the historical approach to the issues affecting the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, were highlighted. These are the factors that also influence the overall tourism and hospitality growth in most cities of the world.

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