Writing a History Essay

Despite the fact that there are many history essay examples on the Internet, much remains unclear for students. It is not always evident from a history essay sample how to structure the paper and what to do before writing.

Therefore, we have prepared an outline that will help you understand how to write a history essay:

1. First, you need to understand what makes history paper examples the best method to assess students’ knowledge in history. It I just no other method can demonstrate the student in-depth understanding and comprehension of the topic(s). With the help of an essay assignment, professors can evaluate student knowledge of specific historical facts as well as his/ her ability to critically analyze the topic or provide some prognosis/ recommendations.

2. In history essays, there is hardly a definite right or wrong answer. As a rule, essay assignments evaluate your ability for critical analysis and argumentation. One of the main history essay tips is to demonstrate that you understand the issue under discussion and show that you can analyze it in a history essay example. With most tasks that are given for history essay examples, there can be hardly any precise answer given, so make sure you sound argumentative and persuasive when explaining your standpoint and providing ample evidence.

3. Carefully read the essay prompt and define what aspects you need to address according to the assignment given. If the task is long and comprises of sub-tasks, highlight the keywords and define what you need to pay attention to. This strategy will also help you structure the answers and make the essay sound coherent. Find some history essay examples and see what transitions the writers use between the body paragraphs and for discussion of different ideas.

There are also different types of essay sample questions for discussion:

  • “Quote-n-discuss”: in this assignment you will need to identify the problem and respond to it by either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement;
  • “Compare & contrast”: here you need to focus on differences and similarities between some aspects, facts, etc.

4. Do some preliminary reading. Gather some facts and evidence to support the argument you are in favor of. First, find two or three credible sources that contain sufficient information and can provide you with good understanding of the topic. Do not use encyclopedias, articles or summaries as your main source as they only provide a general coverage of the historical event/ occurrence/ issue, etc. Remember to make notes when conducting a research or a literature review. Find an example essay and see how you should properly introduce citations from the readings into your paper.

5. As soon as you have chosen what you will argue about, start devising a plan of your paper. Look through examples of college essays or history essay writing tips and see what parts they consist of. Decide on the number of the body paragraphs to be included.

6. If needed, do some additional research related to your supporting arguments or look through good examples of different types of essays. Remember to make notes to each book or journal that you consult.

7. Revise you argument: check on whether it is strong enough, whether it is persuasive, whether it is clear for the reader what you mean and what stance you have chosen.

8. Start writing your first draft: provide a proper introductory paragraph with enough background information for the reader to understand the essay topics. Move on with the development of body paragraphs. End the paper with a conclusion succinctly summarizing the main points. If you need some more essay writing examples, please see some college essay samples.

9. Revise the paper. Check on the coherence, transitions between paragraphs, clarity of thoughts, and logical layout of ideas.

10. Edit the paper. Here pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Avoid wordy sentences: if you have them, make them simpler or break the lengthy ones into shorter. Check on whether you have repetitions as well.  

11. Pay attention to your final thoughts regarding the paper. What is your overall impression of what you have written about?

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