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History tends to repeat. The current situation in the United States and the world resembles the one that occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s, during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Then there was a serious aggravation of Soviet-American relations called "a new round of the Cold War." Conservative circles in the US, as in the late 1970s, blame the US Government for what is happening. Events we are witnessing now within the political race in the United States are the result of an open and democratic process of the struggle for the party nomination in the presidential campaign.

Initially, politicians with extreme views are the focus of attention. One of them is Donald Trump. This paper will argue that the majority of people should vote for Donald Trump since being elected the president of the United States of America, would bring significant benefits in various directions of governmental policy.

Voters Mood

American voters are scared of terror today, but they are even more afraid of the future, despite great economic achievements. They do not understand and do not share a sluggish positional style of international politics of Obama, despite its effectiveness. They want new and spectacular methods of solving problems instead of traditional politics and lying political correctness. Terror in Paris accelerated the civilizational choice of electoral environment after September 11.

Meanwhile, despite the sharpness of the statements (mostly against his political opponents), Donald Trump takes a moderate position on most issues of domestic and foreign policy, except for migration. Thus, now American voters should be ready to accept Trump as president.

The latest opinion polls reveal that billionaire Donald Trump is leading with a big margin. According to Huffington Pollster, 24.8% of Republican electorates were ready to vote for him. Meanwhile, his closest pursuer, Jeb Bush scored far fewer votes 11.2%. In third place (8.8%), there was a former neurosurgeon, the only African-American candidate in this presidential campaign, Ben Carson. Representatives of Latin American diaspora, namely Marco Rubio (7.2%) and Ted Cruz (5.9%), followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (5.1%), are on the fourth and fifth positions in the Republican race. The rest of the candidates are gaining less than five percent of the vote (2016 National Republican Primary).

Truthfulness against Political Correctness

The American voter is tired of platitudes and vague promises. Therefore, it is important to see in power people bringing relevant issues into action. Many voters cannot understand how actually the candidates differ from each other. They all tend to say pre-prepared phrases and give the most streamlined answers to all the questions because of fear to hurt at least one of potential groups of voters, incurring criticism, or limiting freedom of maneuver in the future. Against the background of his competitors, Trump can be noted for clearly stating his position. He is not afraid to be harsh, making an impression of a man who says what he thinks.

Trump has repeatedly spoken about the political correctness ruling in the US political arena as a harmful phenomenon for the country. He always says what he thinks and does not particularly care about the consequences. This approach amassed many enemies of Trump, but it attracted quite a large group of supporters as well.

For many months, the aggressive style of Trump distinguishes him from other potential Republican candidates. His rhetoric starts from his statements against illegal immigrants and the promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico. However, Trump's words resonated in the hearts of many electors, who vote for Republicans.

This is partly because he positions himself as a man who always tells the truth, in opposition to those who try to express politically correct ideas. In this way, he will manage to win over many Republican voters. Thus, one of the strengths of Trump is that he is talking about the real problems of the United States in contrast to politically correct Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

The Distance from the Traditional Establishment

Trump constantly repeats that he is not a professional politician and that he has never held official posts. Thus, he preserves the distance from the establishment. The statements of Trump as the candidate can be considered as evidence that he does not belong to the political class, which is perceived as extremely skeptical by the overwhelming majority of Americans. They do not trust the candidates representing the establishment since they never express their statements beyond political correctness. A certain stratum of the electorate of the US believes that politicians abuse political correctness, do not want to honestly express their views regarding racial issues, immigration, or the attitude to sexual minorities.

Thus, when Trump comes to the podium debate or appears before television cameras and tells the truth, it causes the public sympathy. Many voters are tired of politicians, acting and thinking in a standard way, offering ideas in the standard package. Voters are disappointed by what is happening in the country. Trump uses such sentiments constantly stressing that he shares them.

Managing the Country is a Big Business

People are tired of the government's inability to tackle the challenges it faces. They have no confidence in the future. They fear outside threats. That is why the increased attention to the statements made by Trump and his spiteful rhetoric does not particularly affect the opinion of his supporters disappointed with the Washington establishment.

Trump is a businessman. He made his fortune in construction and real estate. His business skills are useful for managing the state because the government is a very big business, which constantly creates something. In fact, Trump is the one who is focused on what he is doing and whose interests represent his promises. Trump is very well accustomed to construction since his business is oriented towards the US market. Therefore, he will attract those voters who want to see the president of America be more concerned with the internal affairs of the States. This way, he would increase the welfare of the country by managing it as a big business, being less frequently involved in foreign affairs.

The Issue of Illegal Migration

His hard-edged anti-immigration rhetoric has attracted the sympathy of the electorate to Trump, involuntarily forcing other candidates to pay more attention to this issue. Trump said that he will deport all illegal migrants in the event of coming to power (in the United States, there are over 11 million people). Also, he is going to strengthen border security and increase visa fees for Mexicans entering the United States. Trump also proposes to limit the number of issued residence permits (green cards) for foreign workers to encourage employers to recruit Americans (Trump Says Would Raise Visa Fees).

Another factor criticized by Trump is worsening the issue of migration in recent years, which has become a decree by President Obama, as well as repealing mandatory deportation of the illegal immigrants, mostly from Latin America. The perturbation of the public and the threat of losing votes of Hispanic electorates did not force him to abandon his words.

Taxes and Improvement of Life Conditions for Average American

Similar to all Republicans, Trump expresses his opinion against strengthening state intervention in the economy. Trump's position can be expressed in the statement that the greatest threat to the American Dream is the idea that dreamers should be subject to close monitoring and verification by the government. Moreover, no one can doubt the sincerity of such words since they belong to a man who embodies the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Taxes are one of the most sensitive issues in the campaign of each candidate for the White House. Trump, like Reagan in his time, intends to reduce the tax burden for the middle class and raise taxes for those who receive very high incomes (including himself) (Cole). Thus, unlike several members of his own party, he does not speak about the reduction of the income tax. It could be regarded as a concession in favor of the rich, which would show a billionaire in a bad light. Due to this fact, the US middle class can associate voting for Trump with the improvement of their living conditions.

In terms of the internal economy position, Trump often reflects the position of the left-wing. For example, he wants to establish protective tariffs on a large number of products from China. Thus, the actions of Trump would be most noticeable in the area of trade. It can be predicted even now. Barack Obama's administration conducts negotiations on one of the largest and most important trade agreements in history.

Trump hates such transactions and reasonably emphasizes that they undermine America's competitiveness and reduce the life level of the average American worker. President Trump would not stop the process of globalization, but his support for the American worker would demand a change in the current course of events.

Foreign Policy

Critics often say that the weakest point of Trump is foreign policy. It is supposed that the businessman has never addressed the issues of foreign policy and has a very vague idea about it. Thus, political analysts consider this fact the main reason why he, unlike, for example, Rubio, did not express the intention to launch new aggressive actions against the Kremlin.

Trump avoids questions about foreign policy, saying he does not want to disclose his plans because it would be like to turn the cards over in front of President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders. However, one can suppose that behind this ploy Donald Trump hides his inability to answer the question directly. Therefore, it can be thought that the most apparent reason for silence about Trump's plans is that he simply does not have them. However, Trump's supporters argue that he had more meetings with heads of state than any other of the candidates.

As a businessman, Trump makes 15-20 international trips per year, which allows him to understand the financial and political situation in the countries he visits. Trump does business in countries on all five continents. This fact allows him to penetrate deeply into the mechanisms of world politics and establish relationships with people who can really influence the situation.

For Trump, foreign policy is an area in which he can use the art of negotiation in the international arena. He regards foreign policy as endless negotiations with friends, as well as with enemies. For him, it is a game in which either you cheat or they cheat on you.

Apparently, Trump will not take active steps against Russia yet. Trump supported Russia's actions in Syria and even spoke in favor of Assad, in the sense that this is a person he already knows, but those who will come to replace him may present more threat than he does.

For Trump, the main instrument of foreign policy is the economy. It means that with Trump Russia could receive a new powerful wave of economic sanctions that could undermine the Russian economy, being as effective as a new round of arms race in the 1980s, which destabilized the Soviet economy.

Trump is a pragmatist; he used to solve specific problems, involving professionals in it. Therefore, as president, Trump would behave in the same way, basing his decision-making on the help of professionals and his own common sense.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, similar to other Republicans, supported a more aggressive strategy in the struggle with Islamic states. He offers to send American ground troops to the region. He aims to enact a reasonably limited mission, which consists of taking control of the oil fields and not allowing extremists to receive income from them. Also, Trump stands for an increase in expenses for defense (Ward).

In foreign policy, he holds a moderate position, which is reasonable. He notes that the United States takes on too much responsibility in international affairs, trying to play the role of world policeman, and, thus, bringing universal hatred upon themselves. Unlike almost all other Republicans, he basically does not reject the possibility of a nuclear deal with Iran. However, he states that it should be dictated from a position of strength, after the introduction of the maximum possible sanctions (Ward).

Trump is not trying to score points on the anti-Russian rhetoric. He has never spoken against Putin, unlike some of his party members. He even said that he supposes to improve relations with Russia and China, and would find a common language with President Vladimir Putin. Previously, Trump has visited Russia for business purposes and made a good impression on the Russians with whom he had to deal (Johnson).

Independence from Sponsors and Lobbyists

An interesting fact is that being the richest candidate, Trump has collected very few donations for the campaign. Acting in this way, he preserves independence from sponsors and lobbyists. Trump announced that he is willing to spend $1 billion of personal funds for the victory in the presidential race.

However, still, he has spent a minor amount of money compared to that of the other candidates, which is $1.4 million (Which Presidential Candidates Are Winning). Moreover, the media pay special attention to the extravagant person of the billionaire and his statements, which greatly promotes his candidature. This allowed him to be ahead of competitors who are spending lavish funds for the campaign.

Spiritual Values

Finally, spiritual values play an important role in Trump's political plans. Trump considers the United States the greatest source of freedom, which once the world has known. He emphasizes that it makes him significantly different from Obama for whom America is the same country, just like every other state.


Trump is positioning himself as a strong business leader. His image is definitely very attractive. The ability to understand the situation and optimistic nature can play in favor of Trump. Perhaps, he is the one who best understands the challenges faced by his country, and who has the highest competence, willpower, and determination to give an adequate response to these challenges.

Therefore, he should have the highest chance. Consequently, the former owner of "Miss Universe" and one of the largest players in the American real estate market reasonably has a very high chance of becoming the next president of the United States. Considering the above-mentioned reasons, the voters can regard Trump as the strongest candidate, who is capable of solving serious problems and is the most worthy nominee among the other contenders for the White House.

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