Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Origin of the Agency
  3. Agency Mission, Vision, and Goals
  4. Agency Service Provision
  5. Literature Review
  6. Staffing & Human Resources
  7. Leadership
  8. Organizational Culture
  9. Roles in the Agency
  10. Continuing Education
  11. Supervision/Consultation
  12. Stakeholders Expectations
  13. Policy
  14. Environmental Analysis
  15. Diversity
  16. Funding for the Agency
  17. Strength and Weakness
  18. Conclusion
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An agency can be defined in various ways depending on the context, in which it is used. In most cases, the word has been mainly used to describe a bureau, a company or an organization that provides a certain kind of services for another company. Therefore, the paper will research into the New Mexico State Veterans' Home as an agency by dissecting its historical background, vision and mission, roles, strength and weaknesses as well as human resources. Other aspects that the paper will focus on include the funding of the agency, environmental aspects and the policy that guides the operation of the agency.

Historical Origin of the Agency

The New Mexico State Veterans' Home was originally referred to as the Carrie Tingley Hospital. In 1937, it had its operations partially funded with the funds from WPA (McGrath, 2011). In 1981, the buildings that housed the agency were left vacant, when the hospital relocated its base to Albuquerque.

However, in the year 1983, a joint effort between the New Mexico Legislature and the Administration of veterans contributed enough funds that were used for renovating the vacated buildings that were then used to establish the New Mexico State Veterans' Home. The center was mainly established as a long-term facility for the sole purpose of providing care to veterans with a disability or disciplinary problems and is currently located in Truth or Consequences 992 South Broadway (McGrath, 2011).

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The number of employees in the facility, including the nurses, doctors and the subordinate staff, has been approximated to be at two hundred and thirty-three. Regarding the working hours per day of the employees, the facilities continuously log an approximate 0.97 of the licensed staff hours for each given resident in a day (McGrath, 2011). The New Mexico State Veterans Home mostly operates on an annual budget that is approximated to be $13.5M and does not receive any support from the state general fund. The major funding source for the facility includes the VA Per Diem, the private pay, and the Medicaid.

Agency Mission, Vision, and Goals

Just like any other existing company or organization, the New Mexico State Veterans' home is guided by its missions and visions that guided the principles of its operations.

Mission Vision and Goals

The main mission of the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is to work hard towards providing services that are integrated into an environment that promotes the social, emotional and physical well-being of every person or resident who accesses its services. Furthermore, the agency strives to ensure that every effort is made to improve the care, while at the same time assisting the area residents to acquire an independent life as much as they want and, thereby, guaranteeing the respect and dignity at all times.

The agency further aims to make a team and individual commitment to the main aim of demonstrating the aspect of pride and professionalism in all its actions and maintaining an accountable and responsible environment for residents and each other. The agencys main vision is to create a united atmosphere for working that enables the facility to provide the best quality of life and the high-quality care for various veterans and their respective families.

The agency's mission statement provides a clear, compelling, inspirational and concise definition of the principles that guide the operation and daily activities of the facility. The essential elements of the mission statement revolve around the aspect of providing excellent services to the residents and improving care through instilling professionalism, pride, accountability and responsibility in their work. The elements form the basic foundation of the organization's values and provide a key message to its various stakeholders on the present and future position of the organization.

Agency Service Provision

The New Mexico State Veterans; Home mainly provides high-quality nursing services and care to veterans. The agency further provides long-term care services to residents who are eligible such as those residents who have been honorably discharged and have had 60 days of service, or are the veteran spouses. The various services provided by the agency include the provision of intermediate care, skilled nursing care services, domiciliary care services and specialty care services.

Other services include the ones that are provided under the direction of a full-time pharmacist, medical doctor or physician assistant. The services are often referred to as inpatient or outpatient and include laboratory services, physical therapy pharmacy, and aquatic therapy.

Regarding advocating for their clients to have an access to the services that the facility provides, the New Mexico State veterans' Home has deployed various ways, which include the reduction in the daily charges for the services provided in the facility when compared to other hospitals. The facility advocates for low charges for its clients such as charging $285 per day for the intermediate care, while veterans who are 100% disabled pay only $465 for the services.

Other means, through which the agency advocates for the access to services, include the provision of a free professional advice to the clients on the kind of services that are available within the facility and the type of services the given client should enroll for on any given day.

However, despite the already existing services being provided, the agency still has the potential to incorporate more services in the future, which will be fundamental to improving the care of the veterans. The first potential service is to provide a permanent in-house care for homeless veterans. In this case, veterans who have no personal residential places can be accommodated by the facility on a permanent basis with a full provision of the basic needs.

Another service that can be provided in future is the in-house training services to veterans on care issues, which they will then use to disseminate to other veterans who are unable to access the facility due to the distance or technical disability regarding the movement. To provide these new potential services in future, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home needs to undergo various step to achieve their objective.

The first step is for the facility to expand regarding adding more buildings and opening up sub-branches across the locality, where these new services can be established. Another step is to advocate for more funding from other sources to enable a continuous flow of the operational cash for establishing the services.

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Literature Review

According to Walsh and Rourke (2007), the contemporary agency service provision emerged in the context of the economic and employment crisis that occurred in the early 1980s, when most people had the problem of accessing certain services. In this context, the agencies had a specific role of providing various services that were aimed at combating the unemployment and providing other services, such as affordable and available health care services, in agencies that were focusing on health care aspects.

The aspect of placement agency services has further doubled in most countries around Europe over the past few decades. In countries, such as Austria, the placement agency services have increased in five times that approximately account for 2% of the placement agency services around Europe (Malo and Munoz-Bullon,2006). In terms of another aspect, most of the available agencies have resulted in the collaboration, thereby creating an aspect of the service fragmentation. The evidence further shows that the advantage of fragmenting services between agencies is that both the clients of the agencies and the participating organizations receive the benefits that are being delivered (Walsh &Sabel,1996).

According to Chanin (1992), there are various systematic approaches that seem to be emerging in terms of the agency service provision. The working of various agencies in the service provision has somehow evolved in a strange manner, notwithstanding the high number of strategies placed by the agencies to advocate and provide the required services to its clients (Atkinson, 2002). Therefore, there is a substantial and clear indication of most agencies taking up to the new systematic service provision approach both at the national and international levels (Dwyer et al. 2004).

Staffing & Human Resources

Regarding staffing, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is well staffed with a workforce that is composed of full-time doctors, nurses, assistant physicians and full-time pharmacists. When the facility is compared to the average staffing of the whole state, it was evident that the number of registered nurses who work per hour per resident on a given day was about average to that of the state.

On the other hand, the certified nursing assistants also had the save average per resident in a day, and the number of vocational nurses had a similar trend. The human resource is mainly responsible for various roles within the facility, which include advertising for the vacant job position within the center and recruitment of personnel. Other roles of the human resource include organizing a workforce planning for the facility to ensure smooth operations, handling benefits administration of the facility and compensation.


The New Mexico State Veterans' Home is lead by the chief administrator, Lori Montgomery, who also acts as the chief executive officer of the facility. The chief administrator further has assistants who act as the operation managers for the facility and their main role is to oversee the operations of the various departments. The departments are headed by the heads of departments who report to the operations managers. The least on the leadership chain is the admission coordinator, whose main role is concerned with supervising the admissions of clients into the facility.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Culture

The term organizational culture often defines the behaviors and values that usually contribute towards a unique psychological and social environment of any organization (Schein, 2010). Since the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is an organization and is made up of individuals that have distinct personalitys talents and goals, it is bound to have its unique culture. The culture often includes the expectation, philosophy and experience that an organization has, and the given values that tend to hold those aspects together mostly expressed in terms of self-image interactions with the external world and the future expectations of the organization.

Furthermore, the culture can be based on the shared beliefs, attitude, written rules, unwritten rules and the customs. Moreover, the culture of the organization is well depicted on how the organization tends to conduct its operations, treats the clients and the community as a whole and how the given employees of the organization are committed towards the collective objective of the organization (Schein, 2010).

The aspect of how the New Mexico State Veterans' Home functions on a day to day basis has the detrimental effect of influencing the organization's potential to either fail or succeed. However, just like in any other organization, when there is a change in the personnel, then some aspect of the organizational culture tends to change at the same time.

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Changing of the culture of an organization, such as the New Mexico State Veterans' Home, depends mostly on the aspect of having a common framework. The framework can be utilized to get the organizational personnel to communicate on the exceptional performances that occur within the facility. Just like any other organization, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home has developed the competency framework which outlines the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes that are respected by the organization.

Apart from providing a solid foundation for the management in the organization, the competency framework is well suited for changing cultures within an organization. Before the organization changes its culture, it has to understand its current culture first. Once a proper understanding has been made, the organization decides its direction and then defines its strategic direction.

The quality of the working life within the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is the main strength the organization has had in terms of achieving its objectives, since it is high to a considerable degree. There is a cordial relationship between the workers that is coupled with a substantial mutual respect, and this aspect has reflected greatly on the functioning and performance of the organization.

In regard to addressing various workplace problems that arise between the employees, the organization has set up disciplinary structures that include panels composed of members from the different departments who listen and arbitrate any workplace problems. Though problems, such as bullying, harassment and discrimination, do not exist within the facility, the setup structure of the New Mexico State Veterans' Home has been established that will eventually take care of any issue. To assure their continual professional development, the organization's staff often engage in counseling sessions for the self-correction and personal reflection.

In most cases the staff depends on consultative forums with each other for personal reflections. The aspect has a considerable effect of opening up their minds and ensuring a great morale within the staff towards achieving the professional development goals. The aspect of sharing personal problems between members of the staff has been another major mean, through which the staff members have managed to practise the aspect of the personal reflection within the organization.

Roles in the Agency

There are several titles and professional roles that exist within the domain of the New Mexico State Veterans' Home. The account manager is one such title, whose main professional role is to handle financial matters of the agency. The admission administrator, on the other hand, has the professional role of supervising and handling the admission duties within the facility. The system administrators main professional role within the agency is predominantly to maintain and update the agency database and handle the technological aspect of the organization. The chief administrator is another title, whose professional responsibility is to oversee the overall operation of the New Mexico State Veterans' Home.

Regarding the intern identification within the organization, interns often introduce themselves as student interns. In cases, when the organizations' residents are not comfortable in the presence of the interns in the facility, the latter tend to step out of their presence, but most of the residents often agree with their presence, whereas they are undertaking their learning process.

The main professional role of the social workers is often to introduce themselves ,when the process of admission is underway in the organization and partake in the regular interaction with the facility residents. The social workers often know their boundaries and do not engage in roles that are not defined in their work stipulation. The aspect of humility is one value that that the staff has often implied in demonstrating the professional demeanor in behavior.

Furthermore, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home has established a dressing code to the staff that enables them to have a distinct appearance from other residents. Regarding the communication, it is crucial to note that the key aspect of any agency, for example, the professional staffs in the organization have been worn to make an easier location of residents.

Continuing Education

The aspect of a lifelong learning or the continuation of education is an aspect that is highly encouraged within the ranks of the New Mexico State Veterans' Home. Since there is a substantial demand for continuing the education in the market, the organization's staffs are often encouraged to attend various seminars and conferences to acquire their units, where various training courses are undertaken by the agency. The aspect of the social work licensure is a high requirement with a BSW.

The state requirement indicates that an individual is likely not to acquire the employment without first being licensed as a social worker. It is, therefore, encouraged and recommended that one should possess an MSW or BSW. The social workers are mostly encouraged to obtain the BSW, while the directorate often acquires the MSW.

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The agency staff regularly utilizes the supervision aspect to gauge the extent of their performance. The staff further engages in a regular consultation in cases of difficulties and in times of making challenging decisions. The organization has employed various personnel for each department, whose main role is to oversee the operations within each department. The personnel then report to the operation manager and in most cases make an independent assessment from the departmental heads.

Regarding solving the ethical dilemmas, the organization often resorts to the use of the laid down code of ethics that governs the organization. The code of ethics stipulates various dilemmas that are likely to occur within the organization and the consequences or penalties that are levied on each dilemma. In some cases, the organization has resorted to an in-house disciplinary system to handle the ethnic dilemmas.

Stakeholders Expectations

The New Mexico State Veterans' Home shares a cordial relationship with its clients, who are majorly the veterans. To achieve this objective, the organization has resorted to aspects such as treating each client with the utmost significance, going an extra mile to help them and obtain a better understanding of their clients. A program design often defines various processes that a given organization uses to develop a certain program with the intention of making a better place. The organization's program design includes the aspect of the program implementation, evaluation and accountability development of the public linkage situation analysis and the aspect of the prior setting.

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On the other hand, the service delivery has often been up to the stakeholders' expectations. The annual organizational budget often ensures the key aspects required for delivering the services are readily available and in good shape for the clients' use. The rise in the number of clients attending the organization is a further vote of the confidence in the kind of the service delivered to the clients.


One of the federal policies that have had a substantial impact on the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is the policy of the tax exemption on local agencies. The aspect of exempting the organization from incurring tax duties on products purchased for the use in the facilities has been of paramount significance to the organization (Pollitt & Talbot, 2004). The policy that deals with the death matters are often created through New Mexico Health Department, and the change in the given policy within an agency often requires a three third of the members' or stakeholders' majority vote to change.

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Environmental Analysis

The organization's environmental analysis will mainly focus on the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats that the organization faces as well as the further social, economic, political and technological trends. The main strength of the organization is the ability to provide Medicare at a low cost, enabling veterans of all statuses and their spouses to access the health care. The weakness revolves around the expansion issue, which makes it inaccessible to veterans who are not able to navigate to the facility either because of the disability or distance.

The main opportunity for the organization is to open up other branches in different areas of the state to provide an easy accessibility. The main threats often concern the competition from other agencies with similar services. In terms of the political trends, the organization's environment is often affected by various governmental policies and the entry mode regulations, which restrict the entrance and expansion of the organization.

In regard to the economic trends, the organization is majorly impacted by aspects such as the inflation rates and the foreign exchange rates that have a direct effect on the importation of products for their respective use in the facility. The social lifestyle of veterans further depicts the social trends of the organization. Finally, the rate, by which the technology advances, has a major impact on the organization.


The aspect of diversity essentially fits into the environmental plan of the organization (Van de Ven, Rogers, Bechara, & Sun, 2007). The New Mexico state Veterans' Home is often characterized by the aspect of valuing and understanding the differences among its employees, which is essential in giving the organization new ideas and great innovations. The New Mexico State Veterans' Home addresses its cultural competency through bringing different attitudes and policies into its main system by valuing the diversity.

Funding for the Agency

The major funding source for the facility includes the VA Per Diem, the private pay, and the Medicaid. The agency further receives other funding from individual monetary donations and contributions from the legislative policy. The other area of funding opportunity for the organization involves the formation of a social organization fund, which will require residents to make a regular contribution.

The main area for the expansion for the agency lies in the rehabilitation department that has often experienced an overflow of clients. Due to few personnel focused on handling of the influx, an expansion strategy is required in the given area.

Strength and Weakness

As mentioned in the environmental analysis of the organization, the main strength of the agency is the ability to provide Medicare at a low cost, enabling veterans of all statuses and their spouses to access the health care. The weakness revolves around the expansion issue, which makes it inaccessible to veterans who are not able to navigate to the facility either because of the disability or distance. The organization has been utilizing the strength of its competitors by making a downward cost evaluation yearly to attract more veterans with the low-cost Medicare.

In terms of the weakness, the organization is currently making an effort to secure more funding to engage in expanding certain areas of the agency. The main area that needs an attention is mainly the rehabilitation department, which apart from having an influx of veterans who need counseling services requires additional personnel.


Therefore, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home is a crucial facility that caters to the rehabilitative and health needs of the state veterans. The facility's annual budget of $13M is another aspect that has ensured an effective service delivery coupled with the good staffing and professionals that have ensured a great client relation, giving the New Mexico State Veterans' Home a competitive edge over other agencies.

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