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The BreadTalk Company is a branch of Singaporean bakeries, which was founded in 2000. BreadTalk's chain of boutique pastry bakeries spreads over a network of 16 regions, and it operates near 800 outlets crosswise over key markets, for example, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Middle East.

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The company operates a chain of retail outlets offering a wide choice of bread, buns, cakes, and pastries. The corporation's bread and buns are made at its individual retail outlet facilities. As of April 2003, the organization has 22 retail outlets and it additionally administers a focal kitchen at Kampong Ampat that gets ready and disperses filling for its bread and buns as well as prepares cakes and cakes for conveyance to its different retail outlets far-reaching.

As such, the organization has made more than 150 distinctive pastry shop things. The Company's mark things incorporate the "Floss", "Fire Floss", "Moshi Mushroom", "Just U" and "Applewarm".

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The firm's principal rivals incorporate major and differing gatherings of bread shop chains and individual administrators. Some of its major opponents include Bengawan Solo, Delifrance, Four leaves, Prima Deli Bakery, and pastry shops at different shopping centers and inns (BreadTalk 2016c).

Using the latest data from the 2015 Annual Report, the revenue increased to 6.0% year-on-year to S$624.1 million in 2015, while profit before interest, charge, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) rose to the extent of 9.3% to about S$77.5 million, mirroring a change in EBITDA edge to 12.4% from 12.0% beforehand (BreadTalk 2016c).

Leong (2015) states that the goodwill disability is the reason behind such a trend, and a benefit weakness and discount on outlets that have been shut or failing to meet expectations, amounting to $5.4 million, net attributable benefit diminished to S$7.6 million from S$22.21 million in 2014 (Leong 2015).

External Analysis


PESTLE is a business tool used to ponder large-scale natural elements. It is an acronym for political, financial, social, mechanical, legitimate, and ecological factors. Let us analyze how each of these factors impacts the company in Singapore.

Political Factors

According to the Index of Economic Freedom, the political danger in Singapore is very low (Singapore 2016). Truth be told, the Political And Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) claims that the nation appreciates the least political danger in the mainland (Singapore 2016).

The general population chooses agents to lead the country. Since it is a free country, they esteemed relative political steadiness. Today, dependability stands for peace and a superior way of life. Also, it has changed into enhanced business open doors for Singapore (Yeoh & Wong 2011).

Economic Factors

The economy of Singapore is an example of a dynamic free-showcase economy. It is developing and growing at a properly quick pace. The nation's per-capita pay is the most elevated in ASEAN (Singapore 2016). A debasement-free environment bolsters the business area.

It is among the most aggressive nations. The informed and inspired specialists fortify it. The legitimate and money-related business system helps too. A few requirements on Singapore's monetary execution are labor deficiencies, rising work costs, and declines inefficiency (BreadTalk 2016b).

Social Factors

Socially, Singapore resembles any other Eastern nation. Family values are the most important aspects of society in Singapore. The reality of the matter is that the more youthful era tends to take after western culture and values. The inhabitants buckle down and satisfy the realism want.

Yeoh and Wong (2011) claim that this inclination to do well has expanded country profitability. The business areas can, along these lines, expect higher obtaining power from clients. Reports propose that most Singaporeans aversion hands-on occupations like development (Yeoh & Wong 2011). Singaporeans lead a fast-paced lifestyle, that is why the baked food is getting more and more popular.

Technological Factors

No questions that real changes occurring in the general environment that are affecting the focused environment are innovative. Mechanical components incorporate item development, uses of learning, new correspondence advancements, and so on. The fast rate of changes of innovation has permitted new contestants to enter this market at a lower cost base (Singapore 2016).

Modern procedures and apparatus with numerous specialized gadgets now can be utilized by BreadTalk to guarantee the expense of work and generation are diminished and requests to handle quicker because of globalization and changes in innovative elements (BreadTalk 2016a).

Legal Factors

A highlight of the Singaporean Legal System is solid against defilement law. In Singapore, the punishment for any individual sentenced in a defilement can be either gets a fine of up to $100,000 or up to five years of prison for both (Singapore 2016). As a result, the law is well working, so the rate of debasement is one of the most reduced on the planet and the nation is getting a charge out of a defilement-free environment. With the steady law framework in Singapore, it is a decent nation to put resources into.

Environmental Factors

The Ministry of the Environment and Anti-Pollution Unit works tenaciously to keep up the air quality and other ecological variables. Contamination from transportation is the key issue in Singapore's urban territories. Some time ago Singapore was among the nations with the largest amount of modern carbon dioxide discharges. Singapore lost nearly 30% of its mangrove territory (Singapore 2016). Numerous species are in danger of extinction.

The Water Pollution Control and Drainage Act controls the water quality. One of the real attentiveness toward Singaporeans is that the nation does not have enough water to bolster their requirements. Contamination from modern side effects like oil builds the issue. As an answer, water is reused after desalination (Singapore 2016).

As water assets are absent, Singapore is reliant on Malaysian supplied water. A nearby brand called NEWater supplies sewage water after decontaminating it utilizing a double layer. More answers regarding this issue are required.

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The Five Forces of Porter

The five forces of Porter consist of the following elements: the threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, Bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of substitute products, and intensity of rivalry.

The threat of New Entrants

With BreadTalk's item separation and high brand name acknowledgment and client dedication, it will anticipate new participants to enter the business sector, so the risk of new contestants will below.

Bargaining Power of Buyers

BreadTalk created items that are of a conceivably lower cost for clients as they plan their own items and have their own production lines. BreadTalk improves client dedication by upgrading existing clients and getting new clients by giving positive shopping background through great client administrations, so the purchaser force is high.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

The expansion of supplier force is the mirror picture of increment purchaser power. BreadTalk utilizes a technique of building more prominent dependability and long-haul connections advertising with suppliers and retailers and afterward to bring about enhance execution in work and give great services to clients.

The Threat of Substitute Products

In Singapore, there are numerous substitutes for bread like vendor focuses and eateries like Delifrance and McDonalds' are close substitutes as far as estimating and play out the same capacity to offer sustenance.

The intensity of Rivalry among Firms in an Industry

BreadTalk principal competitors are Four Leaves, Prima Deli, Q-Bread, Sweet Secrets, Bengawan Solo, e.g. BreadTalk is confronting an exceptional contention rivalry from both little scale generations like little family-fun in the area and extensive retailers like Sunshine and Gardenia which produce moderate items. Leong (2015) explains the reasons for this exceptional rivalry, BreadTalk endeavored to enter China's business sector for assorted qualities purposes.

Internal Analysis

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Tangible/Intangible Resources

BreadTalk's tangible assets (settled resources) include area, structures, and gear. The current resources are present resources and inventories (crude materials, semi-completed products, consumables, and base inventories (eating utensils and cutlery).

BreadTalk's impalpable assets are trademarks, copyrights, and brands. BreadTalk's future yearning arrangement by 2016, is to twofold its income to S$1billion and expand its network of outlets to 2000 by the year 2017 (Leong 2015). The focus on extension market ranges incorporates U.S, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The organization is able and has the potential since its image name is perceived around the world.

With a specific end goal to expand creation, the organization has pumped S$10 million in automation and computerization. BreadTalk likewise manufactured a ten-story building planned like a cake structure and a focal kitchen in its mind quarters which has an exploration lab and preparing schools (BreadTalk2016c).

To sum up, the franchise model is the corporation's permanent competitive advantage and it is important to develop and support it. The brand value also shapes a competitive edge for the company and gives many opportunities for further improvements. On the other hand, the innovations are unique in the company, but it is necessary to bring up something new to stay competitive in the industry.

Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain analysis is more appropriate for BreadTalk Group Ltd than Benchmarking. An organization's operations comprise of all exercises attempted in creating, outlining, promoting, conveying, and supporting its item and administration which perform inside consolidate to shape a worth chain. Value chain examination was contrived by Porter which helps us to survey an association's assets to decide its qualities and conceivable shortcomings.

Value Chain contains two sorts of exercises which are essential exercises where most esteem for clients is made while bolster exercises encourage the execution of the essential exercises. For a pastry shop merchandise creator like BreadTalk, its essential exercises would deliver bread from crude material to semi-completed items by the exercises emulsifiers, proteins, sourdoughs and yeasts, inventory network administration, formula advancement, and testing, blending and preparing, bundling, deals, and showcasing and afterward circulation (BreadTalk 2016b). For its bolster exercises, it would be quality control, human asset administration, and after that organization.

Value Chain analysis has a couple of options:

  1. To consolidate costs for all exercises in an organization's worth chain to characterize the organization's interior cost structure.
  2. To look at the association's costs action by the movement against expenses of key adversaries from crude materials buy to and cost paid by the extreme client.
  3. To stick point, the wellspring of cost favorable position or disservice on its inner exercises.
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Corporate Culture

BreadTalk endeavors to convey high and predictable gauges of items to their customers. Employees experience hands-on preparation at the different BreadTalk outlets. Cooking ranges from bread pressing to serving clients at the cutting edge. Staff at the administration level is constantly sent for related improvement courses as the firm trusts that preparation is essential. With the ease of livelihood of outside laborers, BreadTalk guarantees that the remote representatives are given time to conform to the way of life in Singapore and to settle in easily (BreadTalk 2016b).

BreadTalk Group underlines group holding. Case in point, it is the association's way of life to sort out a day outing to the shoreline or a recreation center for a day of fun and group building exercises intended to encourage the outlet staff to become more acquainted with each other. It gives a more prominent feeling of holding an understanding of cooperating as a group at the outlet.

Representatives are urged to be inventive and think out of the box. The principal obligations of an outlet manager stretch out past guaranteeing that the business target is come to and to reply to its management. It likewise involves arranging professional advancement ways for its whole staff to develop with the association. He or she is also responsible for building up an administration society to improve the group's image and increment customer loyalty. To finish it off, the manager needs to make a fun, enjoyable environment for staff to work in.

SWOT Analysis


  • Famous brand name with strong brand equity.
  • Innovations to stay aware of changing customers' tastes.
  • Strategic retail stores, catching solid business sector interest, furthermore, making brand mindfulness.
  • Experienced management.


  • Intensive competition.
  • Low barriers to entry.
  • Lack of product differentiation.
  • No halal certificate, so it is difficult to penetrate the Muslim market.
  • Franchise division requiring a high-cost association, and steady requirement for franchise permit to be recharged.
  • Limited control in supplies since flour is gotten from outside sources.


  • Strong partnership network.
  • Entering the premium segment.
  • BreadTalk Franchise Model.
  • High Tourist arrivals in Singapore.
  • The increased popularity of baked goods in Asia.


  • Products are easily imitated.
  • Strong competition in the industry.
  • Operations reliant on controls and approaches of various economies while working in remote nations.
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The issue that BreadTalk would confront in its procedure of expansion of its Bakery business into a new geological area would be the distinctions in shopper inclinations in various markets. BreadTalk pastry shop brand is known for its solid neighborhood flavor which pleases Singaporean's taste buds. Expanding the Singaporean's seasoned BreadTalk pastry shop brand into new markets would require introducing flavors that could rarely be considered usual and tasty by its buyers.

Due to Goldberg (2016), one illustration would be pork floss buns into Middle Eastern nation would submit a horrible social blooper. Thus, BreadTalk must build up a top to bottom comprehension of unmistakable shopper inclinations of the new markets amid the new pursuit.

Without giving contemplations in this perspective, it could create both transient and long haul results, for example, incongruence between the brand and buyers or even maintainability of the brand over the long haul. That is why, it is critical to use a franchise strategy, which requires fewer resources, low commitment, and maximum use of advantages (Goldberg 2016).

Strategic Options

It is critical to try to compete within the global markets and rationally present its products by analyzing the demand within the industry. Luckily, the distinction in society was considered in for BreadTalk bunch amid their extensions and endeavor, particularly into the Chinese and Middle Eastern business sector which is comprised of unmistakably diverse societies and shoppers with unmistakable taste buds.

With a specific end goal to pick up a superior comprehension of the business sector and its shoppers' inclination, BreadTalk held a particular center gathering discourse for the Middle East before their dispatch to better take into account the Middle Eastern buyers (BreadTalk 2016c).

Clients examined the new offerings, along with items that are uncommonly custom-made occasional pleasures for the heavenly month of Ramadan. Members communicated their assessments and bits of knowledge, taking into account appearance, fragrance, and taste, and general feel. Subsequently, a few items were altered accordingly.

Fortunately, the distinction in society was figured in for BreadTalk bunch amid their developments and endeavor, particularly into the Chinese and Middle Eastern business sector which is comprised of unmistakably diverse societies and purchasers with particular taste buds (Shane 2013).

Recommended Strategy

As BreadTalk is a Singaporean brand with the groups' headquarters located in Singapore, it can embrace a globalized brand system and restricted administration to guarantee steady corporate marking, while, in the meantime, deal with the complexities and fluctuated inclinations of its buyers in the distinctive markets. It is prudent to have a corporate headquarter, neglecting the general worldwide brand methodology for alternate business around the globe.

That is why Brown (2014) claims that alternate specialty units are steady to the general marking technique and for them to guarantee that the operations and practices embraced are adjusted to the corporate qualities (Brown 2014). With the general wide procedure spread to the organizations in the nearby nations, the management can then adjust the general marking technique to oblige interesting inclinations of local people.


BreadTalk Group Limited was generally welcomed by Singaporeans, as it apparently appeared by their various grants and developing notoriety in the Singapore market. Just inside a limited ability to focus time, it has come to be known as a way of life brand in Singapore and got to be one of Asia's most encouraging brands.

BreadTalk Group performed especially well in a previous couple of years, as it appreciates twofold digit development for sequentially nine years. Unquestionably, the income development that the gathering enjoyed made the organization show up to a great degree alluring to speculators.

In any case, paying more noteworthy points of interest to the previous 5 years' announcements would create an imperative highlight - the fluctuating development rates that the gathering experiences are a sign of the gathering's weaker execution, particularly amid 2014 and 2015. The fluctuating development rates make one wonder if the gathering can convey reliably year on year for its speculators.

The Singapore heated products industry had become to a great degree focused throughout the years, with an expansive number of BreadTalk wannabe growing out everywhere throughout the island, wanting to impersonate their prosperity.

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