The strike of public school teachers was the key factor that influenced the Colombia Government to hold negotiations about the benefits of teachers and quality of education. The strike was a very effective means of compelling the government to the negotiation table because it paralyzed learning in all public learning institutions. The primary objective of the teachers' strike was to achieve an increase in the teachers' benefits. The teachers went for a strike to compel the government to provide more funding for public schools so that service delivery can be enhanced. The strike was very successful because it allowed the teacher to negotiate with the government via their elected representatives. The strike compelled the government to come to the negotiating table because all the students in the public schools were not getting an education at this time.

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Impacts of the strike on Students

The students were the worst affected stakeholders because they did not get an education during the period of the strike. The student lost many hours of studies that would not be compensated. The student did not have adequate time to complete their syllabus because of the strike. Another effect of the strike is that the performance of private students was better compared to public schools because of the lost time of studies. Although the impact on students was negative, the outcome of the negotiations would enhance the quality of education in public schools.

Impacts of the strike on Parents

Parents are the financiers of learning for students in public schools. The parents invested a lot of their money, but they did not get adequate returns because the teachers went on strike. The parents had many problems with the students being at home for many days instead of being in school.

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Impact of the strike on Teachers

The strike aimed to urge the government to increase the benefits of the teachers. The government increased the wages of the teachers, and this was an adequate factor for the teacher to offer better services to the students. The government in addition pledged to augment the number of teachers as a means of enhancing the quality of education.

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