Without doubt I have revealed a lot of essential information about success for the dream job in the book by Patrick Combs. All his advice is well-known common truth but reading this book you begin to understand this common truth in a new way. His explanations of reaching success depict everything from another side.

Patrick Combs does not show success to the romantic advantage as we used to see. He describes success as not very complicated path but the path which demands desire, motivations, persistence, skills, abilities, resources and dreams. Indeed, we should pay heave price to have a good job. However if we spend all our free time and all our energy on self-education and self-working, we will return a hundredfold. This book is the help for all those people who do not know what they need in their life and what work to choose, as well as for those who already have drawn the plan of actions for future.

As is generally known to achieve the goal of our life we should constantly acquire new knowledge and experience. Another important thing is that we should do what we enjoy, only then it will lead to success. Success demands a lot of efforts and people spare no efforts when they love what they do. Love, devotion to the work, inspiration help to be completely  absorbed in the work forgetting about fatigue and some unpleasant moments which every profession has.

Patrick Combs advices to have our own plan of the future job and this plan is also very simple. However, it is very strange that knowing about it people forget to follow it in order to be successful. This plan consists in the following: looking up articles and books about your interests, preparing to interview, investigating the company you are applying to, writing a good resume and cover letter and dressing appropriately for the job environment. It is the usual thing where there is success, there failure is. There is nothing terrible if you received refusal at work. You should use this refusal not as the failure but as stimulation and motivation for improving yourself. And soon you will be successful if you change your attitude to failures and downfalls.

Success may come to those people who do their business. Not without reason Abraham Maslow told that a musician must make music, an artist must paint if he is ultimately at peace with himself. Of course, in our life we should draw clear tasks and goals and overcome all obstacles. We should be those whom we want to be and choose the way to be free and independent. It is the first and the most important problem for the man to find out what kind of work to do and there is nothing strange that during the whole life people change their occupations.

Patrick Combs demonstrates the bright examples about achieving success. Moreover, his examples prove that the way to succeed in job and in life is like a thorny path, like climbing the mountains, like wandering in dessert and our great desire to achieve success is oasis in the desert of desperation. Without doubt, success stories of Patrick Combs give his readers motivation and inspiration. When reading these stories, one begins to believe in his or her forces, thinking: “Yes, he/she succeeded in getting any work! I will do the same! I am not less talented”.

It is necessary to mention that the author of this book does not propose only his ways of success in work but also he uses the quotes and advice of other famous people (poets, writers, historians, essayists, etc.). He does not impose his ideas of success but also advices to do the things which increase the enjoyment of life.

The author of the book proves that it is false to think that intelligence and family background are not the most important factors for achieving skills and development of abilities. Extraordinary drive and superhuman ambitions are what we need to be successful. Extraordinary drive is like a magic force which makes our dreams come true. Superhuman ambitions will speed the way of climbing to success.

After reading the book “Major in Success” I have understood that every person has his/her own ways to succeed in job. Everything depends on the personality, character, knowledge, skills and talent of the person. It is worthy to mention not less important factors for success in job, such as enthusiasm, courage to pursue the dream and will to win.

In my opinion, this book is the guide to success in job which gives information and advice, helps, analyzes, gives the right direction to success. The writing tone of this book incites the readers to analyzing and thinking. The author focuses his attention on the idea of choosing a job which provokes passion, risk and excitement. I am impressed by this book as while reading it the reader feels the presence of the author which constantly interacts with him.

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