Along the history, women have involved themselves into art as a career; they have inspired a lot role in the community. Majority of these women have been highly successful throughout their lifetimes, still they have omitted from the documentation of historic. For example, before 1986, all books of H.V. Jansonis “History of Art” (the standard text that’s used in preparatory college), consisted more than three thousand male, but there was no women artists. However, in the newest version that was published in 1991, there were only nineteen women that were included. All in all, from art history, women have produced a lot of paintings, sculptures, buildings, and music, over the past 30,000 years ago. As result of their hard work, they have contributed to the growth social, economic, religious and cultural context.

Through art, women have been able to express out the torture they get from their husbands. The domestic violence is one of the most challenge women were facing, from past up to present. However, through art they have able to express themselves, and their voices have being heard. Also, there are other violence against women such as rapist etc. Women have being fighting against this crimes through arts, there have been music’s condemning men that are engaged in this activities; there are sculptures, paintings, and architectures, which fights for women rights and other necessities for women. These adds the role of art, meaning not only admiring the arts, but getting the content on it (the message they pass). Art can be a good media of spreading a message.

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