Resilience is an art that enables one to cope up with life, since life is full of surprise, threats, distress and traumas. This ultimate art of living is very crucial to children, especially in their tender years. It is at the tender age where infants learn new activities in their life. The fact that everyone is born with certain psychological capacity that helps to tolerate any challenge that one undergoes. A resilient child is able to cope up with the challenges he or she faces with his/her learning skills. Some experts tend to argue that resilience is genetic, and therefore they say that there may be differences in reasoning of children during birth. There are some facts proving that the child must be able to cope up with stress despite the complications that might have place in the process of child bearing and birth. While a child is acquiring new skills, it will be extremely helpful to develop the child’s confidence as well as resilience as the child is able to realize what life entangles.

In addition there are various factors that play a vital role to build resilient children. The first one is a temper, this is mostly developed when a child is born. Some children are born with very high threshold for coping with distress, that helps them be resilient compared to those who are born to be very sensitive to any stimulation. The second one is attuned care giving; at times the temper is easy to control in relation to the person nursing the child at the tender age. A calm, loving and experienced caregiver will help to shape the child in a way that he/she would be able to deal with stress compared to an anxious, inexperienced caregiver. Finally, the belief system contributes since resilience cannot exist without hope. Hope is created by both the child as well as the caregiver therefore positive belief is better than negative one.

Resilience as discussed above is proved to be of great importance to a child mainly during the early stages of development. Parents and any other persons nursing a child at the tender age should try to appreciate the child’s effort no matter how little it is, as well as make the child develop talents to build up resilience. Resilient children prosper in life as they are able to handle whatever life would entail.

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