Terrorism has been a factor affecting the adult and child populations in the way that these two groups are bound to accept the acts, learn how to cope with the situation and how to minimize the traumatic conditions. When terrific acts arise, there is an effect of total pandemonium which stalls the normal way of doing things. In similarity, victims of terror suffer mentally. This causes stress among the different populations. This is as a result of how these victims will have reacted towards the terrific act.

In this regard, the stress in turn generates emotional effects which make the victim feel abandoned. If the victim loses a loved one, the pain is even much as this becomes the epicenter of thought. The victim will always live by the traumas hence having difficult time to cope with life. This refers to both populations.

The difference of trauma in the event of terrific acts is that it is much easier for an adult to regain self control over the situation than for a child who might not let go the memories of the event go away with ease. Adults, in the way they think, have the capacity to reflect on life expectations and accept the facts as they are. This is not so for the child who has experienced the acts.

In a bid to help the two populations minimize the risk of suffering from trauma, it is necessary for them to get advice which assists them erase the unlawful acts. This is also done on different basics as the criteria used to bring normalcy to the two populations differ a lot. Firstly, adults are more mature and can understand the effects of suffering from trauma and the effects that the traumatic conditions can cause. Children have low functional brains and due to their immaturity, they take time to understand the effects. This results to psychological effects about terrorism and if withheld for a long time, they propagate illnesses which are of mental inabilities.

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