The term concealed weapons means those weapons that can be possessed by an individual without being easily noticed by the public. They can be confined within the body attires in pockets, sides of the waist or even inserted at the back held by the belt. The weapons have to be concealed to avoid unnecessary attention and alerting the public.  Concealed weapons are normally small fire arms carried for self defense incase of confrontation by the enemy. These fire arms include pistons which can be easily hidden when walking around. These concealed weapons can easily cause public fear if not well issued, maintained and used. Therefore the issuing authority needs to set strict rules and regulations including lengthy procedures for issuing of concealed weapons.  There should be proper justification from those seeking the license to carry the weapons before they are allowed to do so. I believe that it is right to posses and carry concealed weapons and the government should support and enact laws to make it legal for citizens to carry concealed weapons for purposes of self defense, personal safety and security.

Taking an example of the case of in the year 2008 between Heller and the District of Columbia, the U.S supreme court gave a ruling that the constitution’s second amendment allows and more so protects the citizens by giving them the go ahead to posses, own or carry weapons so that they can be able to defend themselves in case of confrontation. This is because self defense is an important and fundamental right and helps in defense of self life and protection from unexpected attack. Therefore the following are my reasons why I believe people should just be given a go ahead to carry concealed weapons.

Carrying of concealed weapons greatly reduces the rate of crimes. According to the studies conducted on the U.S crime rates, “allowing citizens to own, posses and carry concealed weapons helps to deter violent crimes. When state concealed handgun laws went into effect in a county, murder cases fell by almost 8.5 percent, and case of rape and aggravated assaults dropped by 5 and 7 percent” (Aldine, 1995, p. 157). What does this mean and implicate to us? What this means and implicates is that people commit crimes like murder, robbery with violence simply because they want to fulfill their wishes and requirements to why they commit such crimes. What really favors them is that the victims they go for are harmless and because of this, they get scared especially when they are attacked by this armed robbers and murderers simply because they can not be able to respond to the attacks empty handed thereby making the robbers take a great advantage over them. but if this individuals could be allowed to have concealed weapons just same or more harmful that what the robbers and murderers have, then the robbers and the murderers will definitely have to think twice before they decide to face or attack an individual for fear of being attacked back. Therefore I believe the level of crimes being committed by armed criminal will reduce to great extend if other people are also allowed to posses and carry such arms since they will be able to defend themselves and this will also drive fear into the criminals heads since even a criminal cares and loves his or her life and would rarely risk it to an armed person. When the Arizona a state in the united states of American enacted laws on unrestricted carrying and possession of concealed weapons, the research carried out sometime after the enactment of the law showed that the rate of crime in the state had reduced by almost eleven percent within one year after the enactment of the new law and this made the state dwellers most of whom had rejected and protested the move by the authority to legalize the right to carry and posses concealed weapons stating that the rate of murders and robbery will increase change their stand.

Concepts and techniques of the right to concealed carry concealed weapons are also offered and therefore there is exactly nothing that should make us worry about issuance of arms or weapons to citizens and this is another reason why I am for the right to carry concealed weapons. The first one is training. This will help the applicant know how to operate the weapon. It is very vital that the person in possession of the concealed weapon be of adequate proficiency. This can only be certified through training. Training is carried out in the classroom where the applicants are familiarized with the mechanics of the firearms and the terminologies of the weapons. They are also taught on the legislations and the limitations of the concealed carry. The various method of carrying the weapons and the liability issues are among the lesions taught. The applicants are also trained on how to handle situations that seem confronting and defusing as well as on home defense tactics. The tactics of handling weapons like firearms without weapon firing are also discussed. However liability issues are of great importance when it comes to training and more emphasis in most training institutions emphasizes on this. There is also some practical learning apart from the classroom one. Here, the applicants are expected to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real practical situations and be evaluated on their tactics of handling the situations. The applicants also practically fire the weapons for proficiency and safety testing. Instructions on safe handling and modes of firearm operation including accurate shooting when at self defense common distances are also provided.

Accessibility of the weapon. For concealed weapons to be of usefulness, they have to be easily accessible. It will be useless to carry a weapon which you cannot easily get to incase of urgent need to. It is thus advisable that if one is to carry a concealed arm for the purpose of self defense and protection when the need arises then he or she must be assured of easy and fast access to hold it if the need abruptly arises. If not so then it will be better if the weapon is left at home because instead it can be used on you.

The ability of the weapon to incapacitate the attacker. The attacker might be your enemy and the weapon you are carrying is supposed to give you an advantage over the attacker. Always carry a weapon that you can stake your life on and this most probably are the pistols and the revolver shooting projectiles but weapons like pepper spray, knife and baton are only appropriate under few circumstances but there are other circumstances where they can not incapacitate the attacker therefore not recommended.

The confidence and proficiency of the weapon holder. You should be able to hit on targets accurately with few trials otherwise you will run out of the bullets incase you are using a fire arm. To be able to do this, you need constant practice may be using rubber bullets to sharpen you proficiency. Weapon retention tactics also counts a lot and this ability helps the holder from his weapon being used against him. The holder should be able to solve malfunctions of the weapon under stress and quickly clear the problem to resume the normal working. Another competency required is that the holder must be able to pull his or her trigger by being ready to kill for purposes of protecting own life otherwise the opposite will be done to you. Lastly is that the holder should be able to operate the weapon safely when sleepy, injured, stressed, shaking and also when unexpectedly confronted.

Lastly is that the weapon should be carried in a manner that will make it as invisible as possible. This is because when the weapon is visible, the holder risks a lot of actions. One is that the attacker will plan efficiently to make sure that your weapon is not used against him and the weapon may instead be used against you. The second risk of weapon visibility is that the holder risks being attacked by thefts to steal the weapon and in the process the holder may be harmed by attackers to incapacitate him from attacking them.  the last but not least danger associated with making the weapon visible is that it can raise an alert of insecurity in your area incase the area does not allow weapon possession and this can cause panic to those individuals.

When all this is ensured, am sure the weapons will land n the safe and deserving hands and there will be less worry and tension over this and many people will see the need and will support the right to carry concealed weapons. Otherwise, if the weapons are offered just like that, they might turn out to be of no help to the person or may land into unsafe hands.

The other reason why I believe in the right to carry concealed weapons is the success that has accompanied the enactment of this idea in many states that have given it a try including the example that I have stated above.  The first steps on the trial to enact the bill that allow people to carry weapons encounters a lot of opposition in many states but its benefits comes out different as expected. Opponents predict horrible consequences of the bill overwhelming in the media screens but in a year’s time, they get to be proven wrong. Therefore this kind of success where permission of carrying weapons turns out to bring positive impacts to the country is enough reason to support the enactment of this right in many other countries. The only thing that need to be done so that these particular idea does not face a lot of opposition from the public is to ensure enough civic education to the public at large in the process of enacting the law so that the public becomes aware of the benefits that will come with the law and by knowing this, they will make a decision from an informed ground other than following the mentality that has always been there which always believes that possession of firearms is bad and dangerous. With this in place, the authority will have it easy to go ahead with the enactment process and the benefits of this right will be realized just as stated.

Legally permitted holders of the weapons are normally law abiding thus and that they have to pass some steps and legal procedures in many counties or sates with this right including training to be able to access these weapons and be given the go ahead to have them. The may or shall issue policies first scrutinizes the applicants before issuing them with weapons, this assures the public that the weapons are in the needy, appropriate and more so safe hands since there is strict evaluation of the background and the reputation of the holders. Before one is allowed to carry the weapons in public it is vital to obtain a possession permit or license. To obtain the license, one has to pass various tests required by the laws. Other wise the firearms will land in the hands of wrong individuals who can use the arms to commit crimes. Some of the tests required for issuance of the license include the following. The individual applying for the permit must specify and justify the kind of weapon he or she needs and why it is necessary for him or her to move around with. The period of possession also need to be specified and justified before issuance beyond which the weapon need to be returned to the authority in charge and failure to which it will be considered an offense of illegal possession of dangerous weapons without permission. The person has to be within the maturity age limits before being allowed to carry concealed fire arms and most probably above the age of eighteen. The applicant must know how to use the arms provided or the weapon he or she is seeking for. If not, the training on hoe to use the weapon is provided before issuance. The individual must be taught on the tactics and techniques to carry the arms, how to access the weapons easily when need arises among other techniques. More importantly are the conditions of use. The holders f the concealed arm are only allowed to use the weapon only if it is a must to in most cases they are advised to avoid using the weapon as mush are possible. In the case of fore arms, individuals permitted to posses the arms are provided with limited bullets whish they are supposed to account for avoid unnecessary firing. After all this is approved, the applicant signs the agreement form containing these conditions and to which he or she must abide by failure to which it is considered an offense. These conditions are mainly meant to protect the public from threat by individual allowed to carry such weapons and also seal the gap for opportunists who might take this opportunity to seek for weapons to commit various sorts of crime.

The citizens can be able to defend themselves when the right to carry concealed weapon is enacted. According to the research data on analysis of crime victimization, the victims who responded by use of guns suffered less injuries and some less likely to be attacked compared to those without guns or those who dint have any protective weapon. This means that when you are attacked and you don’t have any other way to respond back, you are likely to be harmed or injured deeply that that person who responds back when attacked using appropriate weapons as a self defense measure.

I also believe People should be given a go ahead to carry and posses concealed weapons for the purposes recognition of the right to self defense. Since the right of people to have defense for themselves has been in recognition for many past centauries, it is recommended that the right to carry concealed weapons if enacted will be reinforcement as well as the fulfillment of human rights to self defense. Human rights are very vital and need to be respected, obeyed and closely observed under all circumstances. The right to self defense which goes hand in hand with the right to life is one of the human rights that need to be enacted. Therefore the reason why I am for the right to carry concealed weapons is simply because if the authority allows such laws to take place then the authority will be practicing the right to self defense and this will be a fulfillment of the bill of human rights just like any other state. Otherwise if the authority decides not to be for the right to carry concealed weapons then it will be undermining human rights as its citizens will be defenseless and their life will be at risk incase of attack.

There is less need for police for protection. Enactment of the right to carry concealed weapons will make the work of the administrative police simple and easily manageable as the citizens will rarely confront one another for fear of the reaction knowing that the opponents armed. This is another reason why I am for the right to carry concealed weapons. The work of the authority in place especially the security department will be reduced and the authority or government will save a lot on the resources they would have allocated to this department to carry out the duty of protecting and ensuring security and safety to the public. Such resources can be allocated for something else more useful if at all the individuals will be allowed to posses and walk with concealed weapons thereby providing security for themselves. The state will only need few security officers just for emergency cases ad formality. Otherwise huge investments will be required to put in place security measures and ensure that the citizens are secure and safely protected from violent attacks and this will definitely be very costly to the government than if they allow for carrying of concealed arms by the citizens themselves. The criminals are also likely to play hide and seek game to attack the innocent defenseless citizens because it will be hard for the police to patrol every where so that by the time the police arrive, they will have already committed the crime and left. So the only way to prevent this is to make the citizens stay armed so that they are not attacked anyhow and incase of any attack, they can be able to defend themselves and not wait for the police to come and rescue them because it can turn out to be too late for them to save their lives. The police should only come in later for further investigations and taking of legal steps or actions.


From the research done, the initial fear of enacting the bill to allow this right mostly comes out in favor of the proponents other than the opponents. So I recommend that states and many other countries should allow its citizens to walk protected as an exercise of their rights and also to fully explore the benefits stated above.

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