Nowadays with the origination of the informational society internet has become a new self-sufficient reality, a new modus of social being and communication, which exists according to its inner rules. Therefore a question of moral regulation of people’s actions in virtual dimension is becoming more and more urgent. Especially a problem of free speech is a burning issue in this sphere. It is closely connected with the problem of copyright and its protection and the question of tolerance and propaganda. That is why this issue is very controversial, but I consider the necessity of its partial reflection in our practice.

On the one hand, free speech is a significant right of every person, who lives in modern times, when the democratic values are emphasized. That is why I perceive free speech to be an essential principle of the communication in the internet.  Every person has right to express his/her opinion concerning various topics, to define his/her position and thus be a full-fledged member and active agent of the social interaction. In the internet via its facilities people can realize themselves as creative creatures, who want to express the gist of their minds in this new social space in order to be heard and evaluated. Blogs, chat rooms, social networks, opportunities of comments on different events and things are devoted to the idea of sharing experiences and providing an opportunity of free speech. It must be acknowledged that social networks have become a very effective power that unites people, who are for or against different ideas. Social networks thus help to spread the information and even organize some events, meetings, movements and even revolutions. It is very significant, because in our globalized world with the help of the internet and the free speech in it people can have an access to the information and people, who are far away from them and then they can have an influence together on the world policy and general social situation.

On the other hand, free speech may be dangerous without any restrictions dictated by the common sense. Free speech must exist only in the field that is coordinated with the universal moral norms and values. That means that the principles of human beings as the highest value, nonviolence, tolerance and respect, absence of propaganda have to be preserved. In addition to that we do not have to forget that internet is used by a great numbers of people of different age. Nowadays children are also active users. Therefore internet activity has a great impact on their upbringing and education. Free speech, which is against all notions of morality, has to be prohibited.

To sum up, the question of the free speech in the internet is very controversial. There are a lot of people that are for or against it. I consider this issue not to be precisely solved definitely. Free speech is necessary, but at the same time there have to be rules and restrictions.

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