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The scope of social determinants of health is an issue of ultimate significance in the current course of time. Developing countries face numerous constraints and limitations of health care provision caused by social inequalities and stereotypes. Nonetheless, profound research is not a direct solution in the given context. Admittedly, research plays an important role, but apparently developing countries need more actual involvement in the area of public health policies, their improvement and implementation in practice. The urgency of the given issue has increased within the post-2015 agenda due to evident influence of socially relevant aspects on the health outcomes and overall healthcare efficiency in the developing countries (World Health Organization, n.d.). According to the given report, the reasons of social inequality are “shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels” (World Health Organization, n.d., p. 2).

Response 2

The issue of globalization influences all the scopes of life and development. Globally relevant approaches are created and implemented in the recent course of time serving the ultimate purpose to align the background and provide equal opportunities and perspectives for all the countries and ethnicities. Healthcare sphere is not an exception.

Globally relevant practices tend to be in demand due to their universal approach and broad vision of the key targets. Furthermore, global health care system means potentially more efficient context for professional performance, and is expected to contribute to better health outcomes due to an opportunity to share innovations, novice knowledge, and exchange experience. Diversity in disciplinary background includes public health, nursing, social work, etc. (Delva, Guilamo-Ramos, Whitehead, & Cushman, 2013). Finally, interdisciplinary approach is also expected to employ appropriate tools purported to provide efficiency in the culturally diverse area and align experience with new knowledge.

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