Many animals are subjected to pain or death every year for either medical purposes or testing of various products. According to Andre and Valasquez (2010), about 20 million animals die every year due to experimentation, eight million of them dying after painful experiments. ASPCA (2012) indicates that about 1 million animals were used in experimentation in 2002. While the reason behind such experimentations is either to prolong the life of remaining animals and plants and improve their standards of living, animal experiment is wrong and should not be encouraged.

The boxes that are used to keep animals during the experiments in laboratories are not comparable to open natural habitat. In laboratories, small animals such as rats and mice are usually confined in small boxes which are twice their sizes (Animal Aid, 2013). Large animals such as pigs are usually kept on wire ages – also twice their sizes, with food and water hanged for them to reach. Except for the time when they are used for experiments, such animals spend their entire lives in the cages (Shukla, 2011). Like free animals, they also need freedom in order to play and interact with each other and the environment. By confining them only to one small cage, their freedom is limited.

The research procedures done on animals are usually painful. According to (ASPCA, 2012), 489,262 animals used for research in 2001 excluding rats, mice, and birds were used in painful experiments. This made them to either suffer as they recover or die due to pain (Experimentation on Animals, 2013). While some of the animals are given drugs that make them not to feel pain, the truth is that they undergo the consequences of surgeries. Something like surgery normally leave scars that become painful when touched in the future. Unfortunately, some animals are not provided with such drugs. More than 100,000 animals that were used for experiments in 2002 were not given any drug therefore were subjected to great pain and fear (ASPCA, 2012).

Animals, like human beings, have feelings. They undergo pain when hit, pricked or cut by objects and require freedom of movement and socialization. By confining them in small cubes and exerting pain on their bodies in the name of experiments, human beings do a lot of disservice to them. Animals should be protected; moreover; with the advancement in technology, human beings should find better ways of doing experimentations.

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