Advertisement has been identified as the means of improving sales and promoting the image of a company. Companies do compete for various lines of attack that can enable them to capture the interest of their customers. This is attained by improving the images of their products by claiming to offer the very best satisfaction to their customers thus outcompeting their competitors in the market. In view of the fact that consumers want to identify themselves with quality products, the company aims at meeting this target. They present their products in an appealing mode using convincing text and graphics in their packages and adverts. The use of texts and graphics in the effort of christen to logos, pathos and ethos through media has led to attraction of customers’ attention. The main aim of this study is to analyze the words, copy, logo, font, font size, images, celebrities, colors, photography, setting and layout used in Sweet Tropical, and Trident White ads in an effective manner.

In view of the fact that both Sweet Tropical ad and Trident White ads appeal for the most part to pathos, ethos and  in persuading consumers to buy their products, they both use different strategies in the layout, color, words, celebrities, font size and visual images. In fostering effectiveness in their advertisement, Sweet Tropical graphics has been used to capture the attention of the customers. The picture of fresh chopped fruits reveals natural characteristic of the product. In addition, the appealing colors’ has been used to add flavor to the drink and the three sweets represents the sweetness of the product which originates from the fruits displayed (Sweet Tropical ad). In contrast to Sweet Tropical ad where the advertisement was done by use of the real product, in the Trident White ad, photos of people who are celebrities were used. A photo of man who appears to be a star in the work place after brushing his teeth with Trident White is shown. This shows that one can be confident and attract attention when they have a fresh breath. The shining white and stainless teeth reveal the effectiveness of the product. Furthermore, there are to beautiful ladies who are competing for the man’s attention. This makes the product to meet the customers’ need, particularly the male group who want to be outstanding in society. Given that most companies do target women market, this gives this product a boost for it comprises of both gents in its advertisement target thus able to increase sales. The use of a working class celebrity makes the product classy and people want to be associated with elegant things (Trident White ad).

The colors that have been employed in the Sweet Tropical ad are mouth-watering colors as they reveal the sweetness of the product. This makes it to accomplish its target of being delicious and thus effective in satisfying consumers’. Moreover, the different parts of fruits that have been nicely cut shows the content of the drink that it has been made from pineapples and oranges. The large size of the packet portrays that it contains much content of the juice thus able to quench ones thirst. This image of the Sweet Tropical captures the attention of consumers making it to be an effective form of advertisement (Sweet Tropical ad). In the case of Trident White ad, the picture of the product has been displayed in the corner of the poster and laying much attention on the photos of people than the product. This discloses out that by making use a small amount of the product it will result to fulfillment and the performance is what has been captured in the poster. Furthermore, the setting was in the work place and the advert was to appear official as much as possible, this made the company to concentrate on the utility derived from the product (Trident White ad).

Graphically, both adverts were able to capture different consumers in different ways. The sweet tropical concentrated on foodstuff by use of enticing ad which ensured consumers’ happiness, where it was able to illustrate the appealing sides of the product. On the other hand, Trident White brought into light the goodness obtained after using the product. The layout and setting of this advert made it to find its way in the market and general acceptability (Trident White ad).

Apart from the graphics used in the ad, texts has also been used inform of words, copy, logo, and font size in order to appeal to logos, pathos and ethos. The word, ‘Trident White prevents over 35% of stains for a smile that gets you noticed around the office’ has been used in the advert. This reveals that the Trident White is very effective in removing stains from teeth. By making one noticed through out the office, it guarantees confidence by ensuring that the breath is fresh and one is left without any stain (Trident White ad). In the case of Sweet Tropical, words have been applied to strengthen on the sweetness of drink. ‘SAVOR THE FLAVOR OF THE TROPICS’ shows that the product is natural and syrupy and no chemicals are involved during manufacture making it to free from health hazard (Sweet Tropical ad). More words have been used to promote the product making it to be extra appealing to the consumers given that it’s mouth-watering. The two companies’ ads use words to strengthen the idea that their products are trustworthy and this poses the notion that they appeal to the ethos of the advertiser.

The size of font used in the Sweet Tropical ad is quite large. This is intended to capture the attention of the public mostly youngsters. In the case of Trident White ad, small size font were used given that much attention was on the outcome obtained after using the product. This is because they took advantage of the celebrities’ position to give their backing to the product thus much emphasis was laid on celebrity than the size of the fonts of words.

In conclusion both adverts achieved their goal of appealing the ethos, logos and pathos. This is because the adverts came out to be more convincing to the public thus being acceptable. This aspect is supported by the fact that customers found the companies products to be trustworthy. The use of graphics and texts created a good impression of the companies’ and their products. The Sweet Tropical ad and Trident White ad emerge as good adverts for they cover all aspects of advertisement thus ensuring effectiveness of their products.

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