How to write an Analytical Paper

Prewriting Stage

  1. Make sure you understand the purpose of the paper. In any Analytical Essay sample a writer needs to develop a claim (or an argument) regarding the topic of analysis. In analytical essay, one can analyze any idea, concept, issue, problem, abook or a movie. It is also very important to provide sufficient supporting evidence.
  2. Make a decision what you will write about. If the task is assigned to you by the professor, make sure you read the essay prompt carefully.
  3. Brainstorm ideas. It may be hard at the beginning to come up with a proper formulation of the thesis statement and a strategy of argument development. You may constantly ask yourself how to write an analytical essay, but it will be hard to structure the paper in your mind unless you brainstorm the ideas. This technique will help you reveal what you think about the issue.
  4. Formulate a strong and clear thesis statement. It should summarize the claim you will develop in the paper. Find some essay writing examples and check out what a proper thesis in an analytical essay looks like. Do not write some kind of a generic statement as your thesis statement but come up with a specific argument.
  5. One of the best writing tips for analytical essay is to find reliable supporting evidence. Depending on the Types of essays and essay topics, you will work with either primary & secondary (journal articles, books) or merely primary sources (the texts and materials you are analyzing). Supporting evidence is crucial in analysis as it makes argumentation more convincing.
  6. Draft an outline. Although many writers consider planning an outline a time-consuming task, its effects are actually vice versa: an outline helps to structure the paper and helps to clearly see the picture of what the analytical essay example should look like.

Writing Stage

  1. Write an introductory paragraph, where you provide the most important background information on the topic. Try to include some attention-grabber in it however do not be overly dramatic.
  2. Develop body paragraphs. Look through an analysis essay example and get more familiar with the proper rules of paragraph development. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence, analyze one of the aspects, provide sufficient evidence to support your analysis, and end the paragraph with a closing sentence.
  3. Learn how to properly cite direct quotations or citations. You will surely neeed to learn the rules of proper citation, especially when you provide analytical writing on some book or movie. Make sure you know the difference between various citation styles.
  4. Provide a conclusive paragraph. Its purpose is to remind the reader what was your standpoint or argument regarding the given issue or problem. Remember that you should not introduce any new information in the conclusion. Sum up the main points under analysis.

Postwriting Stage

  1. Check the essay sample for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. A paper with evident mistakes will not make a good impression on the reader and will surely deserve a lower grade. Therefore, use a spell check as well as proofread the essay on your own. Pay special attention to formatting issues.
  2. Read the paper aloud. It will help you trace any possible logical inconsistencies or any awkwardly sounding sentences.
  3. Check the spelling of proper names. Have you seen any example essay with numerous spelling mistakes? How did it make you feel? I bet you had doubts in writer’s professionalism and competency. Therefore, do not repeat such mistake in your paper and check the spelling of book or movie characters or locations.
  4. Try to read your paper from the perspective of a teacher. If your student handed in such paper would it be easy to understand? Would you improve something in the way certain issues were analyzed?
  5. Ask for a feedback from your friend, a family member or any other person you trust.

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