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Step-by-Step Instruction on how to Make a Correct College Paper Format

There are several points that may cause worries concerning the way your college paper format is made. It matters whether you cut and paste your paper in a text area by using an online application pattern or attach an already formatted file. In case you are uncertain about what option to choose, follow the given directions. According to the modern rules, you need to cut and paste your paper in the text box if you use an online application pattern.

The majority of educational establishments allow students to use application patterns which are considered to ensure correct paper formatting. Still, there are a number of reasons for which you should not use such a pattern:

  • The used application form will not increase your chances of being accepted to the chosen school.
  • Printed application forms can be lost in the pile of documents. Certainly, online applications may be lost as well. However, you will find out about it sooner due to Internet services.

Whatever the way of submitting your paper is, you should organize your work by using the word document. Thus, you will see whether you have written the required number of words and whether there are any mistakes in your work.

Now, let us discuss the main points regarding a college paper format in the cases when the paper is cut and pasted in the text area or attached as a document.

Cutting and Pasting the Essay in the Text Area

  • Check whether your paper has not been cut.
  • Poor formatting as well as cutting and pasting the paper in the text area can change the word count. Check whether your essay includes an appropriate number of words.
  • Copy/pasting may ruin the format of your paper. Examine whether the italicized words or those in bold remain as such in the text area.
  • Examine whether the paragraphs are structured and formatted properly after copying/pasting.
  • Ensure the applied font is 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Set 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Use 1.5 or double spacing to make your paper easy to read.
  • Use one tab at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Apply Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial, or other fonts that make a paper easy to follow. As to the size, it should be 12pt.
  • When formatting your paper, you may desire to insert a heading, your ID, and a page number. Indicate your name only if it is specified by the instructions.
  • Mind to submit your essay in the requested format, i.e. doc., .rtf, or PDF. PDF format is the most suitable, as it is always the same

Attaching the Essay as a Document

General Formatting Instructions for Both Types of Essay Submission

  • Do not create a title unless it is demanded by the requirements.
  • Avoid formatting papers in such styles as CAPS, ALL, etc. Do not use useless symbols, # hashtags, and emoji. Please keep in mind that your essay should be written properly and formatted accordingly. Unnecessary symbols or icons will not add weight to it.
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