How to Write Movie Critique Essay?

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Writing a movie critique is an art in its essence, but, unfortunately, not all students can cope with it successfully. No wonder, this assignment requires being unbiased, patient, and objective. Writing a movie analysis is quite different from the short annotation you give to your friend after watching the movie. In particular, when working on such a paper, the writer may tell about the pleasure, frustration, disappointment, or surprise felt when watching the film.

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Writing a movie critique essay is an overwhelming task for any student unless you know its key characteristics and special techniques. Undoubtedly, working with a precise plan, you will be able to create a fantastic piece that will impress the most demanding instructor. After learning the essential steps of writing a movie analysis essay, you will be able to get an excellent grade and boost your academic performance. So let`s dive into the process of creating a perfect movie critique paper!

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Step 1: Watch the Movie

Obviously, you realize that if you want to complete a great movie analysis paper, you need to watch the film thoroughly, probably not once. Moreover, when watching the movie, you should keep your purpose into serious consideration. It means that you should not watch the film as an ordinary viewer but as an active researcher making the notes that will facilitate the writing process. We recommend you make pauses and note everything that catches your attention.

There is no ultimate rule pointing out what should be noted. However, we assure you that if you want to create an amazing essay, you need to focus on the most meaningful and intriguing parts of the movie. Make sure to notice everything you like or dislike about the movie, every dialogue, and every character that is interesting to you and can be interesting to the reader.

Step 2: Look into Your Notes and Brainstorm

Though often skipped, brainstorming is the vitally important stage of any movie review writing process since it allows the writer to identify the key themes discussed in the film and messages conveyed by the director. If the movie you analyze revolves around revenge, loneliness, love, or betrayal, let it be the standpoint of your paper. Do not be afraid if some ideas about the movie will sound awkward and weird. Later, by picking the most interesting ones, you will be able to shape them into strong arguments.

Step 3: Look at the Characters

Although the plot and setting are very important aspects of every movie, we recommend you focus on the development of the characters because the readers would want to know about their development and motivation. Define the protagonist and antagonist of the story, as well as mention the supporting cast, pointing out what makes your characters interesting and worth attention. In some documentary movies, the setting usually plays the role of the character. Do not forget about it when writing your film analysis paper.

Step 4: Discuss the Director and the Cast

When working on this stage, think about whether the director and actors coped with their task well and managed to tell the unique story. At this stage, you may also discuss the work of cameramen, visual artists, music orchestra, etc. When talking about their roles in the movie, do not only evaluate their work using the words “I like” or “I don`t like” but create a complex picture that will help your reader evaluate the movie from different perspectives.

Step 5: Create an Outline

Writing a good movie critique paper is impossible without composing an outline. Keep in mind that when working on a movie analysis assignment, your primary goal is not to summarize your essay but to analyze it. Therefore, we recommend you to consider the points you are going to discuss in your paper very carefully and include them in your outline, which should follow the universal essay structure and contain the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

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Step 6: Write the Rough Draft of Your Paper

After you have analyzed all elements of the movie carefully and created a brief outline, it is time to start writing the rough draft of your essay. Follow your outline point-by-point and unite the paragraphs with smooth transitions. Gradually move from the analysis of one aspect to another and focus on the interesting and intriguing things you found in the movie. When working on a movie critique paper, you should suggest a clear thesis statement that will serve as the basis for your essay.

In your main body, you will need to prove this statement by suggesting valid assertions. To lend credence to your assertions and overall opinion of the work, you need to provide good examples from the film. The language of your paper should be clear and academic. Do not be afraid if some of your ideas sound awkward. It is just the rough draft of your paper and you will correct all the logical fallacies later.

Step 7: Edit and Proofread Your Paper

When the rough draft is written, make sure to have some rest and edit it later to make sure it follows the professor`s guideline point-by-point. Keep in mind that to bring you the highest grade, your paper should be free from any grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Although grammar is not that important part of your grading rubric as the content of your paper, the typos, run-on sentences, or wordiness will significantly compromise the overall quality of your essay.

What Is Movie Critique?

If you are going to impress your professor with a great paper, you need to understand what is movie critique. A movie critique is a unique academic task that is assigned to the student pursuing not only cinema-related degrees but also many others to discuss a particular film from different angles using the best writing and research skills.

Besides, writing a movie critique can significantly improve the student`s analytical and critical-thinking skills since it requires looking into the movie not from the point of the ordinary cinemagoer but a skilled critic looking through all its advantages and disadvantages. Writing a movie critique is a rather challenging process unless you are a cinema pro. Although such a paper requires the research to explain what he or she likes/dislikes about the movie, the main focus should be on the detailed analysis of all the important aspects of the film.

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Movie Critique Structure

The common movie critique structure should follow academic standards. However, every professor has his own requirements for the writing process that may vary. Therefore, we recommend you study the professor`s guidelines carefully or talk to your instructor asking if something is unclear. Let us provide you with the classic movie analysis structure that will help you grasp the essentials of the writing process. So, the universal movie review structure is as follows:

Paragraph 1

Introduce your film to the reader mentioning the name of the director, the date of release, and the full title. Also, if it was you, who have chosen the movie, make sure to explain why it is interesting to you. The introductory paragraph should also contain a thesis statement that will explain what points of the movie you are going to discuss in the essay.

Paragraph 2

The second paragraph of your movie review will start the main body of your paper. In this paragraph, you need to summarize the plot emphasizing the characteristic features. The story told in the movie is not new in the world of cinematography, feel free to mention this point.

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Paragraph 3

Tell your reader what did you like about the film. Are you certain that the composer, costume designer, or cameraman did a good job? If yes, then explain why. If you managed to understand the director`s message and found it relevant and valid, feel free to cover this point as well.

Paragraph 4

In this paragraph, you should focus on things, which could be done better. Very often, the writer will discuss the points from paragraph 3.

Paragraph 5

The concluding paragraph of your movie critique paper should address your thesis statement once again and summarize the key points discussed in your paper. Make sure not to include new information in your conclusion. Keep in mind that your conclusion is the most important part of your movie critique paper since it explains to the reader what they should take from your critique.

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