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When you are looking for exclusive research paper topics, you will find plenty of them here. Most students face difficult times trying to locate and choose the best research paper topics for college. In the meantime, it is the quality of the topic, its creativity, and uniqueness that will greatly impact your final grade for the course. We have spent at least three years gathering the most creative research paper topics for virtually any subject. Feel free to use any from our list of research paper topics for college.

We will be happy if you see the results of your work, with improved grades and a better standing among your fellow students. You can use any of the topics below for free. You can also modify them if you feel that you want to be creative and impress your tutor. However, do not neglect the importance of great research paper topics. A good topic will define most of your grades. If you need help, ask for it. Writers at will always be here to improve your results.

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Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Schools must have a bullying program for all students
  • Children should not be allowed to participate in beauty pageants
  • The government should outlaw human cloning
  • The U.S. must welcome more immigrants to close its workforce gaps
  • Animals should not be used for medical experiments
  • The government must use censure for violent movies and songs
  • Small businesses shouldn't outsource their operations
  • Pollution prevention should become the top global priority
  • All students must have the right to religious education

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Abstinence programs do not benefit anyone
  • Cell phones can lead to cancer
  • Religion is the biggest evil on earth
  • Rehabilitation is not as effective as imprisonment
  • Marriage and cohabitation are virtually the same things
  • Global climate change is human-made
  • Hospitals must serve the needs of vulnerable populations
  • The government must ban tobacco use by adults

Psychology Research Paper Topics

When you are working on a psychology paper, you need to be very thorough in choosing various research paper topics. If your professor gives you a list of general recommendations for research paper topics, you will need to narrow them down. Once your draft is ready, review and edit it.

  • Psychology of love and romance
  • Psychological causes of bullying
  • Why children become depressed
  • How stress leads to physical illness
  • Importance of stress and depression awareness at school
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College Research Paper Topics

When it is time to submit your college research paper for grading, you may find it difficult to locate the best research paper topics. Remember that your professor expects you to be creative and sophisticated in your writing, so choose any of the research paper topics below for your college paper:

  • Most Americans display low literacy levels
  • Obesity is not a real issue among children
  • The Internet does not allow to preserve the value of historical facts
  • The system of education lacks any effective instruments for measuring student achievement
  • The role of effective leadership in education and learning
  • Exams can never reveal the true level of education and academic progress in a student
  • Noise and talks in the classroom keep learners from meet the basic course requirements
  • Online education is likely to replace traditional universities by the end of the 21st century

Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology is another subject where students keep struggling to locate the most unusual research paper topics. However, even a good topic is here, it is still important to find credible evidence and build a compelling argument. It still begins with the topic. Review the research paper topics below and see how they can help you in writing your sociology paper. Otherwise, order your sociology assignment today:

  • Women must have the right to abortion
  • Absolute poverty will always be here, and nothing can eradicate it
  • The world must address the issues of child labor more consistently
  • Globalization is just an idea and does not change anything
  • Communication in public versus private spaces
  • Sociology of alcohol abuse among women
  • Veiled racism and sexual harassment in the movie industry
  • Stereotyping and homosexuality
  • The effects of information technologies on society

History Research Paper Topics

Now that you are working on a history paper, your task is to choose the most interesting research paper topics. Your professor will certainly like it if your research paper topics relate to the course material and reflect the knowledge you have gained in this course.

  • Egyptian medicine
  • Ancient calendars
  • The history of the Berlin Wall
  • The Marshall Plan
  • The Civil War
  • The Spanish-American War
  • The rise and demise of the Roman Empire
  • The Civil Rights Movement

More Good Topics for Research Papers

Although one may find research paper writing rather daunting, it is an inevitable assignment on a school curriculum. Students usually create one research work within the semester. It should be stated that a good research paper requires much time and effort. However, you should not let your research writing projects make you nervous and distract you from other assignments. To be sure of producing your work properly, you should choose a great research paper topic. There are some cases when your professor will give you the research paper topic you need to examine. Still, in the majority of cases, you are to pick a topic for your research paper on your own. Note that it is essential to research the selected subject thoroughly to write a worthy research paper. Therefore, do your best to pick a suitable research paper topic. Since there are a large number of interesting subjects among good topics for research papers, we will help you make the right choice by giving you helpful tips.

Research Paper Topics on Environment

  1. Efficient methods for minimizing pollution.
  2. What are useful means for lessening the effect of global warming?

Research Paper Topics on Information Technology

  1. The Internet: will it continue growing in popularity?
  2. Can Internet technologies ensure people’s security?

Research Paper Topics on Legal Issues

  1. Is it worth legalizing marijuana?
  2. Countries with a lawful execution.

Research Paper Topics on Business Issues

  1. Can the level of sales be increased by applying creative marketing methods?
  2. Can multitasking increase the efficiency of the working process?

Research Paper Topics on Social Matters

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of universal citizenship.
  2. How to stop school bullying?

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