As a rule, nowadays, people have a busy daily schedule, so if they choose to attend some kind of an oral presentation in their free time, it means that they are really interested in it and expect it to be impressive and informative. If you are the one who is planning to conduct a presentation, make sure that you ask yourself such questions: why would people be interested to come to hear you speak and why should they care about the presentation you have prepared? People show up at the presentation for a specific reason; therefore, give the audience what they have come for.

There are specific rules you need to consider before picking presentation topics:

1)      Simplicity

There is no need to choose a highly complicated or sophisticated topic. The topic should be easily comprehendible and simple to understand. For example, when selecting a topic in science, you can always write about its relation or effect on the daily lives instead of focusing on some technological issue behind it.

2)      Personal connection

When selecting public speaking topics, make sure you have an idea of what you will be talking about. In other words, pick a topic in which you have sufficient knowledge, which arouses some emotional excitements in you, or a topic you are passionate about.

3)      Audience connection

This should have been mentioned first, actually, J Always thinks about your target audience when choosing a topic. Even if you are considering some general topics for presentation, make sure that you pick up something that would be interesting for your audience to hear about. Therefore, before preparing a presentation, get to know in front of what type of audience you will perform.

So, do not be driven only by your own wishes and interests when choosing a topic. You will hardly achieve success in your presentation if the topic will be interesting only to you. You should take into account the interests and the educational background of your audience so that you know what will be interesting for them. Make sure you have enough time for all the presentation preparations and delete those parts that will be not interesting or informative for your listeners. Also, consider that people do not have a long attention span even if the presentation you are delivering is only ten minutes. Therefore, highlight the main points that might be of benefit and importance to your listeners.

How to Succeed in Oral Presentation?

  • Tell the audience who you are, why you came here, and why you decided to deliver a presentation on the selected topic.
  • Be honest, passionate, and enthusiastic in the process of delivering the presentation.
  • End the presentation with a summary of what you have discussed. Provide a call for action if needed.
  • Be proactive and positive. Do not forget to relax and smile.
  • Do not exceed the time that was given for the presentation during the organizational stage. Respect the time of your audience. As a rule, people coming to presentations after work are really busy and are looking forward to spending time at home with their families.
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