Religion Topics to Write About

Religion is a very wide and interesting field of study. But some students do not know what to write in their theology research papers. That is why our writers allow you to select one of the topics presented below. It will be relevant and interesting. 

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Interesting Religion Paper Topics

Here is the list of religion paper topics to write about. Choose one for yourself to provide research and create your paper. 

  1. Religious studies as a separate branch of knowledge, the main issue
  2. Early stages of development of religious ideas
  3. Distribution regions and features of agricultural cults
  4. The religious concept of Judaism, history of formation
  5. Pre-Christian holidays and religious traditions of the Eastern Slavs
  6. Classification and geography of religions
  7. Preconditions and process of introduction of Christianity in Russia
  8. Brest Union. The emergence of Greek Catholic Ukraine
  9. Historical conditions of Protestantism
  10. Origin and features of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches
  11. Features and cult of the Japanese national religion Shinto
  12. Protestantism in the modern world.
  13. Features of the Greek Catholic Church
  14. Early national religions. Features of mythology, religious beliefs, and rituals

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 Best Religion Research Topics

  1. Taoism is a philosophical doctrine. Ethical and social guidelines of the Taoists
  2. The difference in the church dogma of the Orthodox and Catholic churches
  3. Catholicism: religious, religious, and organizational features
  4. The Qur'an as a cultural monument of Islam
  5. Characteristics of the main directions in Islam
  6. Protestantism: dogma, cult, early forms of Protestantism (Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism)
  7. Religion as a sphere of spiritual culture
  8. Islam and the modern world. Fundamentalism
  9. The ideology of Protestantism and its role in the formation and development of bourgeois society
  10. The Bible as a monument of world culture
  11. Analysis of early forms of religious beliefs and their manifestations in modern religions
  12. Scientific theories of the origin of religion
  13. Religious studies, its main directions: theological (theological) and secular (academic) religious studies. The worldview of religious studies
  14. Levels of religious consciousness. Religious psychology and ideology
  15. The structure of religion, forms of religious organizations
  16. Analysis of early forms of religious beliefs and their manifestations in modern religions
  17. Scientific theories of the origin of religion
  18. Animistic ideas of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their reflection on mythology.

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 Theology Paper Topics

  1. Fundamental theories of the origin of religion
  2. Religions of modern India
  3. Polytheistic ideas and the pantheon of pre-Christian Eastern Slavic gods
  4. The main directions in Islam (Sunnism, Shiism, Kharijism)
  5. The concept of freedom of conscience is a constitutional and legal category. Legislative consolidation and legal regulation of freedom of conscience
  6. The religion of the Vedas and its role in the formation of worldviews and cultural and historical development of the peoples of India
  7. Jainism: history of origin, features of doctrine, and worship
  8. Revival of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (1917), its liquidation (1930), and the new Revival (1989)
  9. Sacred books of Judaism: Torah, Tanakh, Talmud. Their origin and role in religious practice
  10. Characteristics of trends in Buddhism: Hinayana, Mahayana, Tantrism, Zen Buddhism
  11. Social functions of religion and its role in modern society
  12. Orthodoxy, origins, organizational structure. Religious and cult features, regions of distribution
  13. Historical conditions of Christianity
  14. The formation of the Christian church (I Council of Nicaea in 325) and its subsequent formation
  15. Buddhism. History of its origin and distribution. Analysis of the process of its transformation into a world religion
  16. Lutheranism. History and modernity
  17. Historical forms of Judaism
  18. Religions of modern China
  19. Religions of modern Japan
  20. Modern Protestantism (Baptism, Adventism, Pentecostalism)
  21. Religions of the ancient world
  22. Sharia: it's content and principles

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Controversial Religious Topics

  1. Differences between monotheistic and polytheistic beliefs
  2. Comparative analysis of naturalistic and sociological concepts of religion
  3. Islam In America VS. The American Mormons
  4. First Umayyad vs. Abbasid Empires in terms of political ideology
  5. Jehovah's Witness vs. Christianity
  6. Punk culture vs Islamic culture
  7. Theism vs. Atheism
  8. Islam vs. Christianity
  9. The implications (1 Corinthians 6:9) on Homosexuals
  10. Christian Religion and Math
  11. Misconceptions About Islam & Muslims
  12. The Christian view of Creation and the Big Bang
  13. Buddhist Ethics and Thailand's Politics
  14. Spirituality and the Practice of Counseling
  15. The Council of Nicea and the Easter Controversy
  16. Theology of Sexuality and Sex
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