The question whether students should acquire meditation skills can be answered only affirmatively. Turning meditation into a daily habit (practicing it not less than two times a day) will benefit students immensely as their health will improve and their school results will become better.

Find below 10 scientifically grounded reasons why a student should take up meditation as a habit and hobby

1. IQ level is bound to rise

Meditation has been proved to enhance dramatically creative and critical thinking, practical intelligence and, of course, IQ.

2. School related stress is bound to decrease

In addition to getting higher grades, those students who meditate regularly are less likely to get stressed. They turn out to be more stress resistant and are able to concentrate better.

3. Academic progress guaranteed

Students who regularly meditate tend to study better at school or college. According to the results of a study, almost fifty per cent of students who practised meditation showed better academic results in the English language and mathematics.

4. Being more focused

Because of meditation, students tend to calm down. Thus, they become less stressed out, anxious and aggressive. As a result, they are able to concentrate better on the assignments requiring more efficient brain activity.

5. Making your brain more efficient

Meditation is known to sharpen the brain, at the same time it starts operating more harmoniously as well: scientific research on the brainwork of meditating students has shown the alterations in the brain fibres, which regulate emotional and behavioural patterns.   

6. Less depressed and anxious

Meditating regularly relieves the symptoms of depression. It concerns not only those in a slightly depressive state, but even people who are clinically diagnosed with depression.

7. Less alcohol and drugs

The research on meditation effects have proved that meditating leads to the reduction in alcohol and drug use and improved behaviour. Meditation helps to cut down not only on addictive substances, cigarettes included, but on food as well.

8. Better self-organization and discipline

Meditation makes students more self-disciplined and organized and they tend not to play truant, which is the first step to academic performance.

9. Healthier heart and vessels

Meditating regularly, a student becomes less anxious and depressed; blood pressure reduces. Even several months of meditation practices ensure the regulation of blood pressure. Meditating students are not likely to have hypertension related problems when they become older, as meditation reduces stress, which usually makes pressure go up. 

10. Meditation makes students happier

Not only does the body benefit from meditation but the soul as well. The study on meditation shows that students who practise meditation on a regular basis are more affective, emotionally competent and esteem themselves better.


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