Making Friends While Studying Abroad

Being an international student in the US, you’ll face a lot of difficulties. One of them will be making new friends. Different cultures and different backgrounds might become too intimidating, and you’ll start hesitating before talking to other local and international students. Although your college will organize ample chances to meet new people, you should also make an effort yourself and do the following things.

Visit the International Center

If you end up in a bigger college with a sufficient number of international students, there will be a special center that unites them all. People coming from other counties are probably as lost in a new environment as you are, so it’s a perfect chance to make new friends. Also, you’ll be exposed to various cultures, which will broaden your outlook and deepen your knowledge about the world.

Join a Club

The best approach to making new friends in America is finding people who share your interests. Various clubs are the best way to find such people. Not only will you have some extra curriculum activities to spice up your college days, but you’ll also make lots of new connections. You can even take a step further and sign up for something completely new to develop your personality and acquire new skills.

Attend Campus Events

College is always a hive of activity, and something is happening every minute. Movie nights, game days, improvised concerts, and flashmobs are usually organized by students themselves so they are always happy to welcome new people. When you’re a foreigner, you might be invited even more eagerly because you might have something unique to add to the event.

Learn American Culture

Let’s be honest, American students love to talk about pop culture so if you want to have some conversation topics, you need to know what’s in. Being an international student, you might find it hard to get used to all new things, but after a few months of being surrounded by American culture, you’ll have a deeper understanding of it.

Talk to People from Your Class

Above all, college is about studying, and it’s something you’ll spend a lot of time doing. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a chance to meet new people. Most of your classes will include lots of students so there should be someone you’ll hit it off with. Just don’t be afraid to start a small talk because most people will gladly chat with you.

Study Together

Following the previous advice, if you get acquainted with someone from your class, offer to study together after classes. The more people the better! Spending more time with them, you’ll learn their personalities and possibly will make friends for life. If no, group study sessions are still very useful for your general academic performance.

Making friends is always challenging, but it can be especially difficult abroad. Just don’t be afraid to make a move and always stay true to yourself.

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