Writing a Research Paper in a Quick Mode

Once the semester is coming to its end, many students are in hurry to complete their research papers until the end. Oh, that is a failure! You realize that the deadline is due the next day and have nothing done. The situation is critical and seems irresolvable, but there are some tricks to accomplish it and not to become an underachiever. There might be a couple of reasons why it has happened so,  however, do not get stuck on that. Your main task right now is to concentrate and be as quick as flesh to use the needed online resources.

Producing Bright Ideas for College Research Paper Topics

Firstly you should read attentively the requirement which you were given by your instructor on writing your research paper. Do not choose a topic if you are not sure that it fits. Pay attention to every detail mentioned in the prompts.

For example, if the prompts are the following “Nevertheless, the main task of every woman was to perform household chores, they also undertook the responsibility to earn money.  Describe the most popular jobs among American women during the 19th century. The extent of the work should be 8-10 pages in length.”

Decide on the outlines of the research paper. You may write too much about their work inside a house and do not cover their occupations.

The next step is to maintain a fast search of the materials on the Internet. Do not waste your time on the topics on which there is a limited amount of information found. For sure, it is not the theme you opt for as you do not have enough time.

Make sure if the sources you take are trustworthy. Websites ending with .gov or .edu are truly credible and may be very useful.

It is even better if you can find some book on Google related to the topic of your research paper. You will win a lot of time if you will manage to find the needed literature online.

Now you know the first trick on how to write a research paper fast, just go for the one that returns a great number of hits. So, if Google search proposes much info on midwives. If it is at least a little bit interesting for you, do not doubt and take it.

Compose a list of subtopics and write a short outline with some actual questions to conduct research. You may need a subtopic for every 2 pages. Therefore, it comes that for 10 pages of the research paper you may need up to 4 subtopics. It is not a problem if at this very stage you do not have enough or have written too many of them.

For the final pieces of advice on writing a research paper, we would like to suggest you decide on a particular organization of your survey as messy actions could not bring success. Take into account bookmarking the appropriate websites, saving useful links, using the special tool as Zotero to keep track of the bibliography. Gather yourself up and start accomplishing your research paper immediately because now you know how to write a research paper fast.


One of the most frequently given assignments to college students is a research paper. That is why it is of great significance to come up with your own method for completing this kind of academic work. It is not least important to opt for a beneficial topic while not all of the things which kindle the spark of interest within you are the good choice for a survey.

Writing a Research Paper: Look for an Extensive Theme and Make it More Specific

To start with, brainstorm the ideas for the writing. You should make a list of the themes which interest you (it might be called college research paper topics) and may be chosen as the predominant for your research. Then, you should decide on the most striking subject which draws your attention. The next step is to narrow it down and separate it into the subtopics.

The subject may be controversial, so think of the ideas which you might advocate in the writing. For sure, you have to be aware of the opposite views on the problem as well. It will give you the possibility to sound more impactful. Therefore, dig deeper and get an insight into the things you write about.

Find an Appropriate Number of Trustworthy Resources

Google search your topic rephrasing it in different ways. To make good research, you have to cover information not only from blogs or Internet pages, but also from the works of leading authorities in the sphere, books, encyclopedias, and articles. So, a good topic is the one which has much material published.

Look For Library Sources Proposed

Why not use old-school methods and spend a couple of hours in a library? You may be surprised how much valuable information you could find in the library database. Some of them maybe even available online.

What is more, many user-friendly websites are aiming to help students with completing their research papers, where the professionals suggest their tips. Some of these websites even offer college research paper topics for you to choose from.

Could not find a worthy topic to write about?  Take a look at the checklist of the subjects we have prepared for you.

Business Research Paper Topics:

Protecting electronic data

Business via Internet  

Colleague ethics

Glass ceiling

Retailing online

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics:

Date rape

The rights of animals

Suicide with the assistance of another person

Violence on campus

Death penalty

Fundamental rights and duties of a citizen

Deviant behavior

Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics:

Alcohol age

Drug distribution: cocaine, heroin, marijuana

Cheating with doping in sports

Driving in the state of intoxication

Drug-addicted minors

Education Research Paper Topics:

Hyperactive child syndrome

Drop out of school

Independent schools

College admission process

Tuition fees

Instruction by correspondence

Semester schedule load

Schools’ underfunding

Environmental Research Paper Topics:

The rate of acid rain occurrence

The developing technologies for alternative energy production

Protecting nature

Geography of deforestation  

Greenhouse effect

Nuclear power stations

Animal testing

Garbage dumps in the oceans


Water pollution by chemical plants

Family issues Research Paper Topics:

Women stereotypes

Child adoption

Nuclear families

Single parent families

Abuse at home

Ways to strengthen family values

Health Research Paper Topics:

Abortion rate

Fighting infections


Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Causes of anorexia

Assisted reproduction


Fertility control



Decorative surgery

Healthy sleeping mode

Passive smoking

Modification of cells

Under aged pregnancy  


Media and Communications Research Paper Topics:

Promotion of the beauty standards


Children-oriented TV programs

Copyright statute

Right for free speech


Political Issues Research Paper Topics:

Fighting terrorism

Budget problems

Conducting elections

Emigrants’ rights


Psychology Research Paper Topics:

Grandiose self-image


Facing problems

Positive affirmations





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