How to Write an Interview

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How to write an interview paper step by step? An interview is a most frequently used method of obtaining information in journalistic practice in preparing publications for almost all newspaper genres. A characteristic feature of the interview method is that the author of a future publication presents to the interviewee a certain list of questions orally, stressing the most important (in the opinion of the author) aspects of the problem, and listens to the answers that will constitute the main content of the future essay. On the one hand, the interview is an informational genre of journalism, a literary retelling of a conversation with a person whose opinions and views are interesting to a wide circle of readers. On the other hand, an interview is a method of obtaining information by communicating with people.

How to Write an Interview Article

Read these recommendations to learn how to write an interview article. The first step is to determine the topic of the conversation. It should be meaningful and relevant. Next, you need to understand the subject of the conversation and learn the necessary minimum of ideas about the vital sphere about which the conversation will be.

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If you have the opportunity, you need to read the interviews, which the future interlocutor gave to other journalists, paying attention to what topics he or she was especially close to, what questions he or she was most often asked. To understand a person better, it would be good to get as much information as possible.

How to Write an Interview Essay

How to write an interview essay correctly? When agreeing on the time and place of the meeting, it should be noted that your interlocutor will be distracted more often during working hours (unexpected problems may arise). In addition, the office atmosphere usually makes the conversation more formal and discreet, so it is advisable to meet in neutral territory and have sufficient time for the conversation.

List of Questions

The main stage of preparation is the creation of a list of questions. Questions should be clear (have the same meaning for the interlocutor as for the journalist), be as short as possible (the question should contain one thought, otherwise the answer will not be complete), as well as timely, non-stereotyped, relevant, accurate, customizing not only on the statement of facts but also on the reflection.

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Officials are often asked to send them questions in advance. However, it is necessary to strive for a personal conversation with this person (even with pre-agreed questions.). As usual, the content of such a conversation is much deeper. In addition, the journalist must make a direct impression of the interlocutor and convince the readers that he or she is presenting first-hand information and that the material is exclusive. An interview by fax, phone, or e-mail should be accepted only if there is no opportunity to meet with the person.

Psychological Attitude

It is necessary to have the right mental attitude and understand the interlocutor and prevent the emergence of so-called barriers during the conversation. It depends primarily on the personality of the author, as well as on his or her sociability and professionalism.

It is necessary to learn how to control the course of the conversation and to own a sufficient number of techniques that can stimulate communication. You do not need to be silent and ashamed. Involve your interlocutor in the process of deliberation and sharpen the subject of a possible dispute.

Interview Editing

One of the obligatory stages of working on an interview is clarification and verification of facts, figures, names, and surnames. To absolve themselves of responsibility for possible errors and distortions, journalists often give the finished material to the interlocutor for checking. Officials and famous people often agree to have a conversation only on the condition that they will read the material before publication. In this case, the writer should bear in mind that he or she is responsible for the article and comments, and no official has the right to correct the text if it does not contain factual errors.

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