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Perhaps, this statement seems ridiculous, but here is the following piece of advice: write without paying attention to the grammar. The fact is that often excessive concentration on grammatical rules prevents writing. It is difficult to clothe their thoughts in a perfectly grammatical form. As a result, a writer’s work is stalled on several proposals, and he or she is no longer able to move forward. Therefore, it is useful to practice so-called freewriting, in the process of which a person simply expresses his or her thoughts without correcting typos and mistakes, without thinking about the arrangement of punctuation marks and the correct construction of sentences.

However, this does not mean that you can forget about grammar. The written text is not the final product; it is just a draft, a subject for editing. The last stage of proofreading is checking for compliance with rules and correcting all possible language errors. Therefore, such a word of advice sounds like this: do not pay attention to the grammar in the process of writing, but reread the finished text several times and correct all mistakes.

Why It Is Important to Write Properly

To begin with, language rules are not arbitrary regulations of linguists invented to torment people. They developed naturally during the historical development of language, and their role is to unify the ways of writing so that we can understand each other's texts. If a unified set of grammar had not existed, written communication would have been impossible. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider compliance with grammatical rules as a favor that you do to a teacher or a linguistic scientist. Remember that this is the condition for the existence of writing skills in general.

Not only a child but also even an adult can learn how to write without mistakes, or at least significantly reduce their number. Grown people have more advantages, such as:

  • they learn literacy consciously;
  • they have a much larger vocabulary than a child;
  • an adult has much more patience and perseverance than the most exemplary schoolchild, he or she is not only able to grasp the rules, but can consider and analyze them.

To learn how to write correctly, it is not necessary to finish a specialized university. It is enough to follow a few simple recommendations.

Avoid mistakes

Any text, even abounding in various colorful metaphors, but containing ridiculous spelling mistakes, will look trivial. Quite, often you can meet people who, having several higher educations, make writing mistakes. The reason is that they did not pay proper attention to working out a literate written language. The basis of correct speech is the absence of errors.

Speak Aloud

Be sure to read your text aloud. It will allow you to reduce the number of spelling errors. Also, you will always keep the logical chain of your text under control.

Be Brief

The sentence, which contains a dozen expressions, does not always attract the reader. If you do not master the gift of eloquence too skillfully, such suggestions will only entangle your speech. Use them only if you are sure that the original meaning does not change with the appearance of each figure of speech. If possible, use simple sentences.

Clear Text Structure

Each correct text consists of three main parts. They are the introduction, the body of the text, and the conclusion. Do not try to write too many sentences in the introduction. Remember, the main semantic load of your speech should fall on the body part.

The Components of Literary Language

Let us first explore the concept of "literary language" to understand what and how it works. It includes such components as:

  • rich vocabulary;
  • grammatically correct sentences;
  • perfect spelling;
  • flawless punctuation.

That is, to learn how to write well in English, it is necessary to learn new words constantly and be able to formulate sentences correctly.

Develop Your Vocabulary

Try to learn new words and expressions constantly and immediately use them in writing. You will get the opposite effect simultaneously; the written word will be remembered to you better than just read.

Learn the Grammar

To write in English correctly, you must know the grammar well. Using various grammatical constructions, such as all the variety of tenses, modal verbs, speech turns, etc. you can convey your thoughts accurately.

Start Writing a Few Texts a Day

If you want to learn how to write without errors, you need not only learn the theory but use it in practice. To do this, start writing at least 2-3 texts a day. You can analyze your mistakes, correct them, and start improving your writing results. Those people, who create essays often, become more educated.

Check Each Written Sentence

To learn how to write correctly without mistakes, you need to start checking each written sentence immediately as it was written. If you forget and do not check it, most likely, it will contain a lot of errors, and you will not be able to find out what exactly you did wrong.

Write Slowly at the First Time

To know how to create texts without errors, you need to write slowly and gradually increasing the speed. When you learn to write quickly, you will have time to check the sentence and the entire text. It is also useful for memory, brain, and intelligence development.

Reread the Text Several Times

To learn how to create good works, you need to read your essays two or more times. For the first time, you need to pay more attention to errors, punctuation, and the second time to the composition of the text, its meaning, and the sequence of sentences.

Read as Much as Possible

Do you want to learn how to write in English properly? Reading is one of the most important activities that are often neglected. By the way, in the process of reading, you may see how the same grammar works in practice; how the words are written and combined, and so on. That is, in the process of reading, you immerse yourself in English, remember how the sentences are formed, grammatical constructions, and unfamiliar words are used.

Learn the Features of Writing Styles

Before writing any work, decide what style of presenting your thoughts should be. The business partner cannot write, "What's up?", And the friend will be surprised by the somewhat outdated and official "How do you do?", so determine the "target audience" of your message.

Engage Yourself in the Practice of Writing Skills

Make it easier than it seems, write about what you are really interested in, or about what you will benefit from. For example, if you like poetry, you can participate in discussions at the board of lovers of poetry; if you adore serials, write reviews on them, etc. Do not be shy to write your opinion on any interesting. Also, you will not get bored if you frequently change the topics of your feedbacks.

Take a Course in Writing

You can find many free online courses that teach to write in English correctly on the Internet. Moreover, some of them even can check your works.

Leave Comments on Interesting Materials

Read the news and articles on the Internet and leave your comments to them. Write your opinion, discuss with other visitors to the site, etc. You will practice expressing your point of view and arguing it in writing. Also, you can write comments to the posts or photos on Instagram or any other social network.

Bargain with Sellers on Online Auctions

Internet auctions are an excellent resource for buying things at attractive prices. Unlike the online store, you can chat directly with the seller of the goods. Try to bargain with him or her. You can not only develop your writing skill but also get a good discount.

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