Meaning, Definition, and Features of Motivation Essay

At times students are asked to write a motivation essay, which some may find confusing not knowing how exactly essays on motivation should be composed. While in this article we’re not going to analyze how essays on motivation should be written, we will focus on the definition, features, and meaning of the motivation. Knowing these basics you will be able to write a motivation essay that both you and your professor can be proud of. First of all, let’s talk about the definition. You have probably heard about motivation in the context of studying, the business world, becoming a better person, etc. But to write a decent motivation essay, you should know the definition of motivation very well. Just accept that without this basic knowledge the question of you writing a good motivation essay doesn’t even arise. Motivation is the driving force that makes an individual act as he or she desires. It means that when the person is motivated, their desire to act is stronger than fears, doubts, and obstacles.

The term itself originates from the Latin word ’remover which means ‘to move. Understanding motivation is crucial to give answers to such fundamental questions as, “What makes people want to work, why they work, and what determines where they direct their actions?” Needless to say, this knowledge is also crucial to writing a thoughtful essay on the topic.

The phenomenon of motivation includes three basic components: needs, goals, and drives. Need comes before any action, goals are the visual or verbal form of our needs – something we should strive for to satisfy our needs. And drives are motives that represent the behavior of the motivated person. Knowing how needs, drives, and goals are interconnected gives an insight into motivation and understanding what makes people act in a certain way.

Next, for reaching excellence in writing a motivation essay you should understand the top 3 characteristics of this kind of essay:

1.  Motivation is internal to the person

Motivation is a psychological phenomenon and should be understood in the context of a person’s individual peculiarities and idiosyncrasies.

2.  Motivation of a person is not in parts but totality

The behavior of a person is caused by different needs. For instance, a thirsty man needs water, a little child needs love and a factory worker needs money, but one person may want to have water, love, and money at the same time. Satisfaction of one need leads to the creation of another and different needs constantly compete for our attention. The total accumulation of our needs is what influences our motivation.

3. Result is ability multiplied by motivation and action

Sometimes a very skilled person can bring very poor results. Most of the time things like this happen because this person lacks motivation.

All these things have to be understood and considered before you start working on your essay. They will not only help you to write better essays but also understand better what your drives and motives are.

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