Criminal Justice Research Topics

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Being a special sociological area, criminology developed into an independent discipline during the last century. There can be a huge variety of criminal justice essay topics assigned to students nowadays. To make their overview easier, we offer to divide them into several themes. They are criminology, theories of criminology, crime and victimization, and the criminal justice system. To pick the topic, you need to look through the list of certain themes.

This theme includes papers, which research the history of this discipline and diverse social, demographic, and personal realities, which may be the foundation of a crime. Criminal justice essay topics in this theme relate to family, peer, and neighborhood influence, poverty and income level, mental illnesses and intellectual development, age, gender, race, and immigration impact on the crimes commitments and tendencies. The most popular among them are:


  • Social Science of Criminology.
  • The connection between Public Policy and Criminology.
  • The History of Criminology Development.

Criminology Research Paper Topics

Papers in this thematic group investigate interdisciplinary relations between criminology and biology, psychology, sociology, and culture. Such an approach helps much to establish the cause of a crime, provide its explanations and set effective prevention methods. Such a view on the matter in a wider field provides more opportunities for its solution. The most common topics about criminology theories sound like this:

  • Cultural Criminology.
  • Psychology and Crime.
  • Self-Control Theory.
  • Social Disorganization and Crime.
  • Integrations of Theories.

Criminal Justice Topics that are Relevant in 2023

  1. Police use of force: Analysis and reform strategies.
  2. Mass incarceration: Causes, effects, and solutions.
  3. Juvenile justice: Alternatives to incarceration and rehabilitation strategies.
  4. Cybercrime: Trends, threats, and prevention.
  5. Restorative justice: Principles and applications.
  6. Capital punishment: Ethics and effectiveness.
  7. Racial disparities in the criminal justice system: Causes and solutions.
  8. Community policing: Effectiveness and challenges.
  9. Technology and criminal justice: Opportunities and challenges.
  10. Domestic violence: Prevention and response strategies.
  11. Mental health and the criminal justice system: Issues and interventions.
  12. Human trafficking: Causes, impact, and prevention.
  13. Hate crimes: Causes and prevention strategies.
  14. White-collar crime: Trends, effects, and prevention.
  15. Criminal justice reform: Policies and prospects.
  16. Gun violence: Causes, effects, and prevention strategies.
  17. Drug policy: Alternatives to prohibition and enforcement.
  18. Sex offender management: Policies and challenges.
  19. Eyewitness testimony: Reliability and reform strategies.
  20. Victimology: Challenges and support strategies for victims of crime.

Criminal Justice Essay Topics on Crime and Victimization

The contemporary approach to criminology and criminal justice study includes detailed research about the causes, responses, and effects of crimes. The papers are based on the correlation between culture, environment, society, and types of crimes. They try to identify what impacts certain law breaks to prevent and eliminate their growth in the future. Mentioned below paper topics concern this theme:

  • Children Abuse.
  • Crime in Cyberspace.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Prostitution.
  • Robbery.
  • Terrorism.
  • Victimization.
  • Correction of Community Rules.
  • Prevention of Crimes.
  • Papers on the Criminal Justice System.

Criminal justice has grown and become very popular within the last few years. More and more students are entering their departments both at the national and international levels. Consequently, its research base has developed much too. It is regarded as the best alternative practice for discipline improvement and prosperity.

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Criminological Research Topics

  • Criminal Justice and Young Gangs.
  • Helping Services for Victims of Crimes.
  • Types of Courts and Their Responsibilities.
  • Classification of Offenders.

Theoretical criminology and criminal justice go from theories to practices. That is why all researches completed in their spheres are very important for the regulation of the peaceful and crime-free existence of society. For this reason, papers in these disciplines often tightly interact with other sciences to provide wider analysis and ideas on how to solve the issues.

Criminal Justice Research Topics for Law Students

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Criminal justice research topics are so popular today because more students enroll in criminology programs and want to improve the crime and law situation in their communities. In any society, criminal justice is to serve the goal of crime deterrence. Law enforcement is another function of criminal justice, meaning that the system oversees how the rule of law works in society.

It should be noted that criminal justice has a long history. However, at all times, some people did not want to follow the word of the law. As a result, criminal justice prevents individuals and groups from committing a crime. It had to become a warning to those who would try to violate the law and compromise justice. For this and many other reasons, entering the criminal justice field is both an art and a challenge. Distinguished criminal justice professionals fulfill a noble mission. As a result, they enjoy a distinct, unique social status. This is probably why more young people are willing to become educated criminal justice specialists.

It takes time and effort to become a criminal justice specialist. Students must undergo numerous tests and submit dozens of papers to meet their grade requirements. If you are pursuing a major in criminology, then you should be able to find and use a perfect topic for your papers. Choosing a great topic will increase your chances to excel in criminal justice studies. Provided below are some of the most interesting criminal justice topics.

  1. Sexual harassment and criminal justice.
  2. Religious and racial bias with its implications for a hate crime.
  3. Delinquency and juvenile offenders in the U.S.
  4. What does forgery mean?
  5. Violence and brutality against suspects in the criminal justice system.
  6. Why do unwarranted arrests still happen?
  7. Gangs and their effects on crime and deviance.
  8. Cybercrime versus conventional crime.
  9. The growing incidence of domestic abuse and violence.
  10. How mental illness predisposes people to crime.
  11. How murder differs from other crimes, including homicides.
  12. How online dating increases the risks of rape.
  13. Justice in vulnerable/marginalized communities.
  14. Due process in U.S. criminal justice.
  15. Why robbery is still so pervasive in a welfare society?
  16. The complexity of kidnapping crimes and their effects on communities.
  17. Why capital punishment is so problematic in the U.S?
  18. How does the law treat criminals who are insane?
  19. Can pornography be compared to violence?
  20. How the legacy of slavery and racism impacts the criminal justice system.
  21. Violence in U.S. prisons.
  22. Prostitution – should it be legalized?
  23. What if a person is wrongfully accused of a crime?
  24. Preventing gun violence in public places.
  25. How to improve the criminal justice system.
  26. How corruption and politics contribute to organized crime.
  27. Boot camps for youth offenders.

Criminology Research Topics

Other criminology research topics to cover in your papers.

  1. What are the main causes of terrorism?
  2. What are the main causes of fraudulent research practices?
  3. How identity fraud becomes easier with social media.
  4. Why art crimes are on the rise.
  5. Is racial profiling an issue in the developed world?
  6. Drunk driving – why is it a crime?
  7. Cybercrime and the study of criminology in social media.
  8. Gender and serial killers – a study of criminology and sociology.
  9. Crime and child abuse: do criminals abuse their children?
  10. Media portrayals of domestic abusers and women who abuse their children.
  11. How exposure to violence in the first years of life impacts children.
  12. Why theories of crime and deviance do not always work.
  13. Why homeless individuals are so vulnerable to violence.
  14. Animal cruelty – why criminal justice is so slow to charge a person with an animal crime.
  15. The healthcare system and the issue of elder abuse.
  16. How the criminal justice system can promote peace and justice.
  17. How unemployment contributes to crime.
  18. Does the level of IQ impact the probability of crime?
  19. How crime and unemployment correlate.

Criminology Research Proposal Topics

Criminology research proposal topics also deserve your attention. Choose any:

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  1. Crime and aggression – how are they similar? How are they different?
  2. Mental health as a driver behind the violence – true or false?
  3. Why a better understanding of crime can contribute to crime deterrence.
  4. Dysfunctional families – are they responsible for children-criminals?

Topics on Criminology Research Proposal for Students

Criminal Law Research Topics

These criminal justice essay topics can help!


  1. Ethics and justice in police and law enforcement.
  2. Corruption – a police issue.
  3. Recruitment of law enforcement agents.
  4. History of policing in the U.S.

Justice and Society

  1. Prison overcrowding.
  2. Criminal justice and the study of social anthropology.
  3. How do blue-collar and white-collar crimes differ?
  4. Criminal justice and its potential to reduce the scope of social disorder.

Capital Punishment Topics

  1. Ethics of the death penalty.
  2. Juvenile criminals on death row.
  3. How the world is handling capital punishment issues.
  4. History of capital punishment.

Discrimination and Racism

  1. How racism remains so vivid in the criminal justice system.
  2. How the world is dealing with racial profiling.
  3. How TV shows about police portray racial discrimination.
  4. How race contributes to criminal justice bias.

Criminal Justice and Women

  1. Women and drug abuse.
  2. Capital punishment for women.
  3. Criminal justice as an area of feminist ethics.
  4. Sex offenders, women, and the criminal justice system.

Drug-Related Topics

  1. How the U.S. criminal justice system is handling drug abuse.
  2. Drug courts in the U.S.
  3. Legalization of drugs and their effects on crime.
  4. Why drug testing in the workplace is so controversial.

Topics Relating to U.S. Justice

  1. How the justice system differs between the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Why rewards and incentives can improve workforce motivation injustice.

Topics on Juvenile Justice

  1. Death penalty for juveniles.
  2. How juvenile courts work.
  3. Can the criminal justice system reduce crime and deviance?
  4. Preventing juvenile delinquency.
  5. Criminal justice subcultures.

Correctional Control Topics

  1. Parole and probation about corrections and control.
  2. How communities can improve the quality of correctional control.

Topics Related to Courts

  1. Professional jury – can it work?
  2. Professional criminal justice practitioners in courts.
  3. USA – sentencing about crime.
  4. Disparities in sentencing decisions in the U.S.

Theory in Criminal Justice

  1. Theories of crime.
  2. Theories of deterrence.

Criminology Paper Topics

Criminal justice thesis topics can also help you improve your academic results. Choose whatever suits you. Take this list as a model and follow it as you move toward completing your criminal justice degree:

  1. The way the criminal justice system developed.
  2. Is the criminal justice system accessible to all? Is it possible to reduce inequity and injustice?
  3. Using a career in criminal justice to reduce the burden of financial debts on society. Is it feasible?
  4. How do private companies contribute to the stability and progress of criminal justice in the U.S.?
  5. How would the legalization of prostitution and drugs change the criminal justice system?
  6. Is it ethical and legally effective to run sex offender registers? Should they be public?
  7. How can communities facilitate offender reentry?
  8. Is it ethical and effective to wear body cams in law enforcement? How should the process be regulated to achieve the best results for ordinary people?
  9. Why is recidivism so prevalent, particularly for convicted offenders?
  10. What are the best strategies to deter crime and violence?
  11. What if law enforcement specialists use force against suspects? Is it lawful? Is it dangerous? Is it ethical? What should suspects do in this situation?
  12. Are TV shows accurately depicting crime and forensic science in the 21st century?
  13. How public policy can change the way criminal justice deters crime.

Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

Use some of these criminal law topics for a research paper:

  1. Forcing suspects into a confession.
  2. Selecting the jury.
  3. Why fake IDs are so problematic.
  4. Stalking and justice.
  5. Attacks on intellectual property.
  6. Double jeopardy.
  7. The issue of innocence.

Researc Paper Topics about Serial Killers for College Students

Serial Killer Research Topics

Serial killer research topics can greatly improve your results. For example:

  1. The history of serial killings.
  2. Mental disorders – are serial killers ill?
  3. Why do women and children often become victims of serial killers?
  4. How does an incidental killer differ from a serial killer?
  5. How communities can detect and deter serial crimes.
  6. Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

Some of these crime and punishment essay topics can make your paper stand out:

  1. How women in jails are treated.
  2. History of the system of corrections.
  3. How American history changed the way jails operate.
  4. Comparing prisons in the U.S. and France.
  5. Crowding and overcrowding in prisons.

Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper Topics

As a student, you may need to choose from juvenile delinquency research paper topics:

  1. Preventing juvenile delinquency.
  2. How schools can keep youngsters from committing a crime.
  3. Identifying the early signs of delinquency.
  4. Punishment for juvenile offenders.
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