If you need to write a communication essay, you should know what communication is. After all, it is a good idea to use this definition in your communication essay. Thus, communication is the interaction process that takes place between people and those who surround them. In your communication essay, you might want to state that communication may occur through exchanging words, as well as body language symbols, such as gestures and facial expressions. If you are writing a communication essay that covers the functioning of organizations, you should admit the value of social interaction for building relationships.

Best tips for writing an essay on communication

Your communication essay should also discuss the origin of the word ‘communication’. It will make your communication essay more interesting. So, in your essay, you can tell that this word originates from the word ‘communism’ (Latin) which means ‘common’. Your essay may also cover the way communication is built-in organizations and the way misunderstandings are avoided.

While writing your essay, keep in mind that communication is as old as the world we live in. So it is not only communication between individuals in the workplace or at home. It is also communication with animals and nature.

If you have to cover the topic of communication in organizations, talk about both verbal and non-verbal communication in your essay. Touch upon the topic of the English language as lingua franca accepted in business in most countries, including European countries, Russia, Japan, and China.

The notion of communication has such elements as:

  1. It is a two-way process that involves a sender, as well as a receiver of information. Either of them can be an individual or a group of individuals.
  2. The message is an integral part of communication. It can be conveyed in the form of an idea, opinion, feeling, inquiry, directive, or just a piece of information.
  3. Communication takes place in case a sender and a receiver have a common understanding of such factors like the language, culture, or environment. It means that the words, phrases, proverbs, idioms, expressions, and gestures used in communication have to be understood by both.
  4. The process of communication should induce a reaction in the receiver.
  5. Communication can take place verbally (through words and phrases) or non-verbally (through gestures, signs, and expressions). Let’s discuss these methods of communication more thoroughly:
  • Verbal communication can occur orally or in written form. It can take place through speaking, as well as listening, writing, or reading. In other words, any kind of communication that uses words is verbal.
  • Non-verbal communication touches upon the senses of those who communicate and induces reactions that depend on the way the receiver interprets the sender’s body language.

Other forms of communication in the organization include:

  • Internal (within the organization) and external (between two different organizations)
  • Formal (official) and informal (unofficial)
  • Downward (from superiors to subordinates) and upward (from subordinates to superiors)
  • Horizontal (between peers) and diagonal (between people from different levels)

Keep in mind all these factors while writing your communication essay! 

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