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Every student has got to once in a while write APA research papers. In order to write such papers successfully one has got to clearly understand what writing APA research papers stands for, what it presupposes and, therefore, what APA means at first place. Actually, APA is an abbreviation for American Psychology Association, and this is that very organization which worked out certain rules and regulations related to format and citation in APA papers.

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Usually, APA research paper includes the following sections (feel free to learn the practical tips for writing each section):


An abstract aims to outline the problem developed in the paper, key participants, hypotheses, methods, and results.

Title Page

A title page should include the title of the paper one inch from the top. The text should be double-spaced.

Introduction Part

  • A good introduction should state the topic and the essential questions that will be discussed.
  • It should provide background information by providing the previous research on the topic.
  • In an introduction, you need to have enough references to support the further discussion.
  • An introduction should explain what you, as a researcher, can bring to previous research on your topic.
  • It should have clear transitions, which would guide the readers through the research paper.
  • Do not forget to claim the initial hypothesis.

Method Part

  • Headings and subheadings help understand the paper`s organization better.
  • Explain the method of the experiment by using the terms of the discipline.
  • To emphasize on the experiment you have to use passive voice; to emphasize on researchers, feel free to use active voice.
  • Describe your experiment step by step by using the transitions such as “then” and “next.”
  • Demonstrate your attention to the control features.

Results Part

Summarize your findings and do not forget to mention the challenges you have faced.All illustrations, statistics, and figures should be numbered in the same order they appear in the text.Be sure to restate your hypotheses and interpret the results achieved.


In conclusion, provide the possible explanations of the potential results.The conclusion should summarize the outcome, empathize on the experiment`s relevance, as well as anticipate further exploration of the topic.

References Part

All sourced used in research should appear on the reference page in the alphabetical order.Every point should follow APA guidelines when mentioning the author, date, title, as well as publishing details. Punctuation, hanging indentation, and capitalization should also follow APA formatting. 

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